How Kids Get What They Want

Well, I survived the weekend, but now I am back at work where things will be crazy for the next 3 or so week, so postings might be quickies for a while… And speaking of quickies, here a couple observations over the weekend that taught me a bit about how the minds of children work:

  • We had brunch over at my sister’s house, and my 5 year old nephew brought over an unopened box of chocolates, and offered me one, which I thought was very nice. His dad helped him open the box, and I took one. No sooner was it in my hand, he turned to his father and asked, “Can I have one, too??” Since other people are having candy, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to have candy.
  • My daughter got these chocolates on a stick – lollipops made of chocolate, to her. She had one on Saturday, as soon as she got it, and loved it. They rest of the weekend, she carried around and asked if she could have the other. “We’re going to save that for the car ride home,” Ms. Kaz told her. Monday morning, we had the following conversation:

Daughter: Are we going home today?
Us: Yes, after breakfast.
Daughter: … can I have my lollipop?
Us: We told you, sweetie, we are going to have it in the car, on the way home.
Daughter: … I wanna go home now!

Ahh, the power of chocolate.


2 Responses to How Kids Get What They Want

  1. Er, what do you mean, “how the minds of children work”? I took notes, and I’m using these tonight.

  2. Jana says:

    Lollipops made of chocolate are delicious. It’s possible that many of the world’s problems could be solved with more chocolate lollipops.

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