Thursday quickies

Hey, all – sorry it has been a little slow around here, but work and home have been pretty crazy busy… In the meantime, here’s a few quick things which have captured my interest lately…

  • In the car this morning, I heard a story on NPR about autism research. Apparently, there are over 6,000 active research studies for cancer, as opposed to 50 for autism. Well, apparently, the Kennedy Krieger Institute has begun a program where parents of autistic children can help contribute to research simply by using their computer. By registering with the institute, parents can fill out simple questionnaires on their computers, and potentially be linked up with research in their area.
  • I recommend everyone check out DaddyTypes for the coolest new gear. This morning, I was impressed by one of Greg’s advertisers. In our house (c. 1923), storage space is at a premium. The closets are small, and much of what there is in closet space is now taken up, along with much attic space, by the central air beast which has consumed our house. Well, these customizable, configurable toy storage boxes from the Via Toy Box company look very sweet (if a little pricey). I gotta show ’em to Ms. Kaz.
  • Finally, I am glad to see that Citizen Baby has given CF Bulbs a try, and has also found some safer plastic baby bottles for their baby. I’ll be interested in a follow-up to see how they (and the baby!) enjoy them.

Thanks for being patient — I hope things get a little more normal next week after Dingus Day.


3 Responses to Thursday quickies

  1. I heard that same story and was surprised at the number.

    Did you here the story on the Martin Sexton? Musician, real lo-fi kinda stuff; very cool.

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    The autism number is absolutely wrong, considering that the number of kids being diagnosed is 1 in 150. And it used to be like 1 in 2500.

    To me, it’s a growing trend and a problem (dare I call it an epidemic?)


    (by the way, I’ve given you a Thinking Blogger Award!)

  3. Chris says:

    That storage stuff is pretty cool. Little girls with small rooms that I happen to know about may really like something like that.

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