Made-to-order Babies

When Ms. Kaz and I first decided to try for #2, we worried a bit about what our daughter would think, and how she would react. “How would you like a new baby in the house?” we asked her. “Mommy would hold it, and I would be jealous,” is the response we got. Uh-oh.

But when we were sure we were having another, she changed her tune. Now, we routinely hear, “Please can I hug the baby? Please can I kiss the baby?” When we go shopping, we get a lot of, “I wanna buy this for the baby!”

One day, Ms. Kaz told me our daughter even sang to the baby.

Of course, all this led us to believe this was going to be a cakewalk.

Well, things have progressed since then…

Yesterday, we had an appointment for an ultrasound. Our daughter was sick, so we didn’t want to send her to daycare and get the other little boy there (we’ll call him “Timmy”) sick. Or worse yet, have him get his new baby sister,Violet, sick. “What if we just dropped her off there for the appointment?” Ms. Kaz suggested. “What if we took her with us?” I countered.

I figured, let’s get her involved with the new baby. Maybe it will increase the bond she feels with the baby. We both decided it was a good idea.

We went to the appointment (all tests results turned out very very positive!), and I sat with my daughter on my lap, watching the ultrasound on the screen. My daughter is somewhat familiar with the look of an ultrasound because we’ve shown her movies of her ultrasound many times before, and explained, “That’s you! When you were in Mommy’s tummy!”

The picture came on, and my daughter got all excited – “That’s like the movie! That’s the baby in Mommy’s tummy!”

All was good. Then she started with the, “I want a baby sister!” whenever we said something about her “baby brother or baby sister.” Lately, she has been insisting that she wants a baby sister. “It could be a baby brother, sweetie, we don’t know yet.”

Let me interject here and state than, as with many a father, I like to have fun, and often speak before I think. A few days earlier, I joked with my daughter that if it turned out to be a baby brother, we could trade him with some other kid who had a baby sister. Ha ha, wouldn’t that be a laugh. Ha ha.

“We can give him to Timmy!” my daughter told us. “Ha ha!” I said, nervously glancing at my wife, “Kids! Where do they come up with this stuff?”

Later that day, as they took a walk outside, my wife asked our daughter what we should name the baby. “Violet!” my daughter exclaimed. “But that’s Timmy’s sister’s name… maybe we should name her something different?”

At this point, my daughter had a complete breakdown, insisting that we name the baby “Violet”. The only way out of it was for Ms. Kaz to offer up, “Okay, when the baby is born, maybe we’ll name her Violet.”

I guess what I am getting at is, while it is great that my daughter is excited about the baby, we’re either going to have a baby girl named “Violet”, or we’ll be trading a baby boy to Timmy’s parents.

At least with a trade, we’ll already be past the first 7 months!


3 Responses to Made-to-order Babies

  1. Dan says:

    Sounds like a deal to me!

  2. whit says:

    too funny, better get the paperwork ready for Timmy’s parents

  3. L.A. Daddy says:

    Oh, god. This is what I’m in for, isn’t it? We’re planning on taking LA Toddler to the ultrasound visit, too. She knows something is different but it hasn’t sunk in yet.

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