Creative Writing

April 27, 2007

My daughter seems to have a great imagination.

I like to think she’s pretty intelligent.

But, damn, I hope she’s this good when she’s in school.

What’s going on…

April 26, 2007

Turns out it isn’t just my daughter who’s gone over the edge…

  • Rob over at How About Two thinks his baby is growing at a highly unlikely pace. Or maybe he’s just crazy for thinking his wife will believe this story.
  • MetroDad watched 9 straight hours of Sound of Music… and seems to have enjoyed it. MD: I’m too lazy to verify it, but I think the real Von Trapp kids are still going at it.
  • Papa Bradstein signs up for BabyCenter and registers himself as a mom. By accident. Of course. Sure.
  • Finally, LA Daddy gets ready to write his farewell blog entry before he dies. He’s either off his rocker, or he’s run out of things to write about. He must be off his rocker, because when daddybloggers run out of things to write about, they write about what other daddybloggers are writing about…

Was it a full moon last night??

April 26, 2007

Every once in a while, children slip into a state of temporary insanity.

I’m not talking about your every day crazy; your running around screaming, your singing silly songs, or your tantrums. I am talking about full-out, making you wonder where this child came from and should you get some medication insanity.

Last night, I was watching the hockey game (ha! Rangers suck!), and Ms. Kaz was getting our daughter to bed. From upstairs, I can hear the following…

Ms. Kaz: Well, now you spilled your cup of water. Now I have to get you a new one.
Daughter: I don’t want a new one! I want the old one!

Nothing too unusual yet. She’s just testing her power. My daughter, that is. A little while later…

Daughter: I want the old one!
Ms. Kaz: Fine, here’s the old cup.
Daughter: Not that! I don’t want that! I want the old water!
Ms. Kaz: The old water was on the floor. I can’t get it for you. It was dirty.
Daughter: I want the dirty water! I want to drink off the floor!!

So I head up because it is intermission because I want to help out.

Talking with my daughter, I learn that she wants to drink the dirty water off the floor. Hmm.. maybe I am just not understanding her. Maybe she wants to sit on the floor and drink a cup of water? After trying to get clarification from her, I learn she indeed wants to lick the old dirty water off the floor. Nothing can sway her. I explain the cat sits on the floor and we walk on the floor and, ick, our floor is so dirty. I offer a new cup of water.

She’ll take me up on that offer. As long as I let her drink it off the floor. From the clean spots. “There aren’t any clean spots on our floor, Sweetie.” Ms. Kaz is not enjoying this part of the conversation.

“You don’t see mommy and daddy drink off the floor, do you?” Well, apparently she does. And apparently, we’ve let her do it in the past, as well.

I’ve only got one more trick in my bag. A call to Grandma.

Fortunately, my mother is able to play along well enough to, while not convincing my daughter completely, distract my daughter from wanting to lick the dirty floor.

Afterward, I checked. No full moon.

About the only normal thing about the whole night was that the Sabres crushed the Rangers.

So, anyone out there let their kid lick water off the floors?

Not as bad as I thought…

April 24, 2007

I always worry that we protect our daughter too much. I worry we hover too much. I worry we don’t let her just “be a kid” enough. Then we spent a lot of time at the park this weekend…

I suspect she gets it from daycare, but she was running and climbing with much more confidence than I ever remember. She used to always want us to follow her, and help her. Now, she doesn’t appear to even think about asking for help unless she’s really stuck.

We were first time parents with her. So, a little hovering is probably to be expected. The husband and wife who provide daycare services for her, have had a lot more experience with kids. So, I imagine when she is climbing over the side of the couch, or standing on a chair, the reaction is a little more subdued than when we see her do the same thing.

Oh, it isn’t that they aren’t looking out for her. They are like grandparents to her, and they love her very much. I think they just know that kids are pretty durable. We’re still working on convincing ourselves of that.

Anyhow, back to the park. There was a little girl there who appeared to be about my duaghter’s age. My daughter noticed her right away because, despite the fact we were on the other side of the playground, as soon as this girl sat in the same swing my daughter was sitting in 15 minutes earlier, my daughter had to run over there and have a tantrum. “That’s my swing!” After getting her to accept going in the swing next to it, it was the other girl’s turn, “I don’t want her to swing next to me!” The other girl’s parents and I exchanged understanding glances.

I continued to watch the other girl and her parents as they made their way around the playground. At the smallest of the slides, after being helped up the stairs by her mother, the little girl didn’t want to go down the slide. “C’mon, it’s okay. Daddy will meet you at the bottom!”

They continued to stick close and help their kid climb and slide, etc. It was at that point that an earlier comment by her parents came back to me, “She’ll be three next month.” She was actually older than my daughter.

But my point wasn’t to judge these parents — I think every parent should, well, parent as they see fit (as long as it is within the law). This experience was more of an eye opener in that, maybe we aren’t as over-protective as we thought. Maybe we are just as protective as we would like to be.

Maybe we should feel good about the job we are doing as parents.


April 23, 2007

I don’t know about where you are, but here it was one of the most gorgeous weekends in a long time. I don’t have much in the way of updates this morning, but feel free to discuss your weekend here.

All I want to say now is that we must have spent a total of 4 hours on swings between the various parks and playgrounds and back yards we were in. I cannot believe the amount of thrill this kid can get from swinging. And she’s learning how to swing, but, well, more on that later.

Green Updates

April 20, 2007

Let’s catch up with some of my favorite “Green” parents, shall we?

  • First off, thanks to Strollerderby for including me in their latest “Playdate” round-up, which mentions some of the “green” parenting blogs they’ve stumbled across lately. Lately, several of their editors have been including some great links for green parenting.
  • Long-time I Hate Snaps friend, Zygote Daddy, whom I hate to admit I haven’t been doing a good job lately keeping up with, has worn out a set of cloth diapers. He chronicles his search for the ideal replacement set here.
  • What the?! Citizen Baby tried out some new bulbs that are not only CF, but claim to reduce odors?!?
  • Finally, Ms. T, over at, ahem, BoobJuiceFactory, continues her series on making your own baby food. She’s got far more patience and resolve(?) than we do.

Earth Day

April 19, 2007

earthEarth Day is coming up this weekend. I can’t say we have major plans other than going to our town’s Earth Day program, partially to see what kind of information they provide, and partially because there will be entertainment for kids.

I can remember a few past Earth Days — one where I saw the Barenaked Ladies perform in Hartford, and one where I went to visit the now Ms. Kaz when she was still in college and having a terrible allergic reaction to a new t-shirt I was wearing.

But, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve made a decision to try and continue our “greening” of our lives, especially now that we have another little one on the way. We do what we can now, driving two hybrids, buying organics, CF bulbs, recycling, composting, using non-paper lunch bags, etc. But there is always more that can be done.

We also try to educate our daughter as much as we can — reading the Lorax (“Pollution is bad; Trees are good”), getting her to help recycle, and just telling her as much as we can… considering she’s 2 1/2.

Plus, one of the things I’ve tried to do with this blog, sometimes successfully, is to provide information to other parents who might wish to make their lives a little more green.

With that in mind, DivineCaroline does a much better job than I have the time to do in offering up 50 tips you can use this Earth Day to make your lives (and remember, your lives are your children’s lives, too!) a little greener (via StrollerDerby).