Ahh! Real Monsters!

I was reading Clare’s Dad’s post today about his Monster Problem. As I was reading it, I found myself thinking, “Thank goodness our daughter’s over her (first) ’bout of Monsters.”

Of, course, not 10 minutes later, I was trudging up the stairs to respond to several minutes of, “Daddy! Where are you?” — just to quiet her down, you understand, with a song.

Me: Would you like me to sing you a song, sweetie?
Daughter: First let’s talk about monsters.

Oh, boy, the “let’s talk about monsters” is back. I’m not really sure where she learned about monsters. Well, I know she’s seen monsters (no, not real ones), but where did she get the idea that monsters are scary and will get you?

Me: Okay, sweetie, what about them?
Daughter: Mommy and daddy and Marshall and Rascal wil ‘tect me?
Me: Sweetie, you are very safe here, and Marshall does protect us (okay, he’s a lazy cat, so I am lying here), and you rememer that monsters aren’t real, they’re just pretend, right?
Daughter: You ‘tend to be a monster…
Me: I did the other day. But you thought that was funny, didn’t you?
Daughter: Yeah! You ‘tend to be monster and mommy will hold me and Marshall will ‘tect me!
Me: Okay, but not tonight, sweetie…

I still suspect the monster thing is a delay tactic. At least, I don’t think we need to sell the house just yet…

(You can find out more about Ahh! Real Monsters! here.)


One Response to Ahh! Real Monsters!

  1. Maybe she was talking to Clare…or she reads my blog too.

    [Kaz: I don’t let her read your blog — I am afraid she’ll also want a Tinkerbell bathroom!]

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