Update: We’re off to see the whizzer…

Sorry there haven’t been any updates lately. I went “back home” to go to Friday night’s Sabres game, and my mother’s DSL still sucks. It goes in and out, and you never know when it is going to work. Tech support is no good.

So, I fully intended a couple post, which will now be delayed a few days. I’d do it tonight, but I am busy trying to deal with my daughter’s various delay tactics to avoid going to bed.

One quick thing, and I almost hate to admit it because I hate McDonald’s for putting meat in (okay, on) their french fries, but we saw the Happy Meals have little Wizard of Oz dolls currently. You can buy them ($1.79) without buying their “food”, so we bought a couple to use as Potty Traning incentives.

I feel so dirty.


2 Responses to Update: We’re off to see the whizzer…

  1. planet3rry says:

    you took one for the team…

    just keep saying:
    “there’s no place like the bowl, there is no place like the bowl”

    of course your girl is going to ask you if you are a “good”witch or a “bad” witch!

  2. whit says:

    I’m waiting for McTofu.

    [Kaz: They’d probably still find a way to sneak some meat into it!]

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