Where the Hell did the weekend go?

Okay, so I full intended to have several posts this weekend. I certainly have a few things to post. But the weekend kind of got away from me. We are having central air put in, so we had to clean out the attic. Which would have been fine, except that our traditional March Snow Storm in Connecticut arrived this weekend. Which meant a lot of shoveling. And it was a recycling week (which, combined with cleaning the attic meant a LOT of recycling).

Oh, we did have fun, too — we played in the snow, build a fire in the fireplace, made dinner with our daughter a few times.

And she actually took a nap both days.

So, I will begin working on some catch-up posts on various topics, such as: cooking with my daughter, potty charts, and having sore muscles.

In the meantime, as a belated St. Patrick’s day greeting, I’ll leave you with this link.


2 Responses to Where the Hell did the weekend go?

  1. Wasn’t it nice to wake up on Saturday to more snow than we’ve received all season? The snowblower had been laughing at me, but it finally got a work-out. I loooove New England.

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    I’ve started cooking with LA Toddler, too. She helped me with breakfast on both mornings over the weekend. She loves to help out, which is great news.

    Can’t wait to hear about your experiences!

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