Academy Awards Nominations

Our first Oscar nominee for 2007 in Best Dramatic Performance is Our Daughter in Snack Time:

Daughter: Please I have some milk and some potato sticks?
Ms. Kaz: How about some bananas or apples, instead?
<daughter enters room crying>
Daughter: MOMMY SAID NO!!
Me: No, mommy said you could have banan–
<daughter throws herself on the couch>
Me: That’s not tr–
<daughter throws herself down on the ground, burying her head in her hands, crying>

This one’s gonna be a tough one to beat…

2 Responses to Academy Awards Nominations

  1. MyBestInvest says:

    That’s hilarious. Sounds like she has a little flair for the dramatic, just like the young lady in my house.

    As for the Academy Award, I’d say she’s probably got it locked up. But if she could throw in some reference to global warming in her next tantrum, the deal would be sealed.

  2. I’ve got an idea. When she’s all worked up like that, give her a little Oscar statuette, explain why, and see how much it calms her down.

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