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My daughter has always taken an interest in playing music. As much as a 2 1/2 year old can, at least. We have little keyboards, and xylophones, and rattles, a harmonica, a drum…
And from an early age (her’s, not mine) I’ve let her play around with one of my guitars — I’ve got three, and there is one I bought with the idea that it would be her’s one day (and, of course, I would need to buy a new one for myself when that day comes – I’m not stupid).

This morning, I read an artcle about guitar makers developing lines of guitars to attract girls. Okay, the reason all of us guys have guitars is to attract girls. In this case, by attract, I mean they are hoping to get girls to buy and play these guitars (okay, being Big Business, they may not care if they ever play them, as long as they buy them). These guitars come in pink, or with Hello Kitty on them, or in the shape of flowers, etc.


I am hoping my daughter is interested enough in playing at this point – she has told me that she wants to be in a band some day – that we won’t need to get her a pink guitar. Thank goodness there isn’t (yet) a Little Mermaid guitar, or I know she’d want that.

But, really – pink guitars? What’s next? Pink hockey sticks?? Oh, wait

[Kaz: Okay, to be fair, the Hello Kitty guitar is pretty cool, and if my daughter really wanted a pink guitar, I am sure I would cave. And, to be fair as well, I think it is actually pretty awesome for these hockey players to use pink sticks to honor the people who have battled breast cancer and raise money to fight it.]

UPDATE: Bad Hair Dad discusses boys v. girls clothing and his daughter’s pink soccer jersey here.


6 Responses to Music

  1. Terry says:

    The Hello Kitty guitar is pretty sweet! I can only image that if there was a Barbie Electric Guitar, they would try to make it a little more shapely

    NEW for Christmas 2007, The Walt Disney Princess Axe!
    This holiday season bring some rock n roll feel to those nostalgic Christmas carols with the Disney Princess Electric Guitar. Silent Night won’t be Silent anymore, when you crank this wicked cool guitar to 11! There are hot models to choose from:
    Breathing Real Ariel Electric Guitar
    Rock the Belle Electric Guitar
    Jasmine to the Beat Electric Guitar

    and for those of you who need something a little softer…
    The We Won’t Put You to Sleep(ing) Beauty Acoustic Guitar

    and if Strings aren’t your thing, Disney is proud to preview the
    Mulan to a Different Beat Percussion Set
    Whistle While you Work Snow White Flute
    Pocahontas Piccolo

    on store shelves at the start of the Retail Christmas Season, August 2007

  2. Clare's Dad says:

    Clare just saw the Hello Kitty guitar in your post and wants one. I’m not against guitars or pink…but for some reason Hello Kitty drives me bonkers. If you do find a Little Mermaid guitar can you post a picture? I could handle that a little better…and I think Clare would choose it over the kitty too.

  3. Christina says:

    C’mon, Dad.

    A guitar is a guitar is a guitar.

    Pink, flying V, purple haze, what’s the difference if your kid is motivated to pick it up?

    I know, I know. I get your point, truly. I promise I’m not obtuse.

    But as a singer/songwriter who has bought many a guitar in my day, I have to tell you that when I saw an advert online for a new girl-centric guitar, lighter, smaller, prettier, created and sold by Daisy Rock Guitars, I was indeed intrigued. After spending a considerable amount of money over the years having my standard acoustic guitars customized for my girlie hands and feminine sense of sound, I thought it was a wonderful idea that I would be able to offer my daughter a guitar that appealed to her own senses and needs.

    Bottom line, boys and girls are different…and Hello Kitty (gag!) guitars are simply a manifestation of that difference. And I, for one, am tickled pink about them.

    [Kaz: Hi, Christina – thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion with us. And, I know what you are saying… I have smallish hands myself, and struggle a bit with the classical guitar I have. That’s one of the reasons I bought an electric-acoustic which was more manageable. That, and my intent to let my daughter have it one day. I have no problem with them customizing them to physical needs. I even have no problem with making them “girl-y”. As long as there are some that also appeal to the less girl-y girls. Although, I guess those would just be regular guitars, eh?]

  4. Soylent Ape says:

    Some friends of mine run a music store and recently started carrying the Daisy Rock line. I played a couple of them and they were fairly nice–perhaps a step up from entry-level. You could tell that they were designed with a smaller scale and neck radius in mind…and their paint schemes and shapes are decidedly “girly”. I’ve seen the “Hello Kitty” Squier and it’s basically a Bullet with a new paint job and novelty pickguard.

  5. guitarstruck says:

    Guitars are one of those instruments that can be tailored for the individual, hence the pink guitar for girls. My daughter plays guitar but would never buy a pink guitar. She actually hates pink. I guess it goes with her boyish guitar playing personallity.

    Hey whatever gets you to play is a good thing šŸ™‚

    [Kaz: I agree. My daughter is in the middle of a big pink phase, but fortunately has no knowledge of pink guitars.]

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