I’m home with my daughter today — our daycare provider is not available, due to emergency, for a few days, so I took a vacation day to have a day just for my daughter and me.

Ms. Kaz works late tonight, so it is a long day for the two of us. So far, it has been a lot of fun, but it certainly makes me appreciate the work stay-at-home parents do…

Lately, my daughter asks me in the mornings, “You have to go to work today?”

The conversation usually goes thusly:

Me: Yeah, I have to go to work today…
Daughter: I don’t want you to go
Me: I have to…
Daughter: Why?
Me: So we can have a nice house, and a big girl bed, and good food, and (here’s where I nail it) so we can go to Disneyworld…

Believe me — I do feel bad for having to go to work when she doesn’t want me to, but so far, our Lottery numbers haven’t hit…

All this leads me to a conversation my wife and daughter had the other day:

Daughter walks by, carrying two of her dolls.
Ms. Kaz:  Hey, where you and your babies going?
Daughter: We’re going to work.

After a few seconds, my daughter walks back in the room…

Daughter: We’re back!
Ms. Kaz:  What did you do at work today?
Daughter: Nothing.

My daughter walks over to my wife and pretends to hand her something…

Daughter: Here’s money! Two million dollars! Now we can go to Disney!

And thus my daughters Economics lessons begin…


3 Responses to Work

  1. MyBestInvest says:

    Do you think your daughter could hook me up with a job at this place she’s working?

    Do nothing all day and make $2 million? I could do that. And I could make it look good.

    [Kaz: Well, if she was thinking of my job, she got it half right!]

  2. Sounds like she’s a CEO already. Maybe you and Ms. Kaz can retire.

    [Kaz: Retire?? The only was I get any rest is at work!]

    BTW, I’m taking care of that error on my blog. Sorry.

  3. Dudelet says the same things and it always tears me up a litte “I don’t want you to go to work? Why do you have to go to work?” And then “I’m going to do my work. In the office. I’m back now.” I guess it’s all about normalising and accommodating the ineffable. $2m, though. Dudelet hasn’t earned us anything so far…

    [Kaz: Yeah, Kathie Lee kind of ruined the whole child labor thing for us all, didn’t she?]

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