Sometimes, it backfires

My daughter loves her Big Girl Bed.

Being that she 2 1/2, we can use this to our advantage. It affords us another “bribe”, if you will (okay, it is more of a threat).
You see, in the recent past, we’ve been able to get her to nap by threatening to take the Big Girl Bed away. Okay, we aren’t that mean — she usually tries to get out of napping by saying she doesn’t want her Big Girl Bed. We would respond with, “Should we get your crib down from the attic?” If that doesn’t work, usually the follow-up, “Oh, well, then we’d better take this one back to IKEA.” usually does.

Today, we went through this routine again at nap time, except neither worked. I even tried variations on these two themes. Nothing.

Well, with a lot of work, I finally got her to nap for a short bit. I figured she was tired. And besides, she’d forget about it after her nap, right?


This evening, I hear Ms. Kaz upstairs getting our daughter ready for naptime. I listen closely, wondering if I heard what I thought I did. I did. It went something like this:

Daughter: We gotta get the old bed down.
Daughter: Daddy said we could.
Daughter: Daddy said we need to get the old bed down.

I went up and played up how really really cool the new bed is. “It’s not really really cool!” is what my daughter said. I guess she finally forgot about it, because she’s up there sleeping in it now.

Ms. Kaz tells me our daughter was even talking about how we had to take the new one back.

I really hope she forgets about this.

I don’t want to put that crib together again.


2 Responses to Sometimes, it backfires

  1. I’m always asking my DW not to make idol threats (especially when they involve me putting something together).

  2. A problem of your own making! You can’t make threats that you aren’t prepared to back up. And bribing and extorting over sleep/bed?

    What WERE you thinking?

    (This message brought to you by he who dwelleth in the glass house and yet, throweth the stones.)

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