Not a baby anymore…

It amazes me to look at my daughter. I mean, to really look at her. I look at her and realize she isn’t a baby anymore. In some ways, she isn’t even a little girl. To me, she is becoming a “big girl”.

Whiffleboy has a great post on this over at DadCentric.

I think that surprises me the most is the development in language. I know they tend to pick stuff up from us, but hearing it really makes them seem like little adults. Here are a few recent examples:

The first one occurred as I was changing my daughter the other day. She was doing something which frustrated me, so, as I tend to do, I let out a frustrated *sigh*. I noticed my daughter trying to sigh a couple times, then she said, “What’s that mean?”

“What does what mean, sweetie?”

She sighed again. “What does that mean?”

Well, now I felt bad. I had done this before, and, although she seemed to know that it meant I was getting frustrated with her behavior, she never asked what it meant.

“It means… sometimes, mommy and daddy get a little tired, and that’s why we do that.”

I managed to remove a little guilt by (a) drawing mommy into it, and (b) kinda-sorta telling the truth, but not really telling her the truth.

The second occasion was a conversation my wife was telling me about with our daughter.

It seems my daughter was having a fit about going potty before going to Big Kid School. Lately, this fits have becoming lying-on-the-ground-tears-running-down-the-face-crying fits. We usually try to wait them out, while occasionally offering comfort. Well, in the middle of this fit, my daughter stands up, and walks into another room, telling Ms. Kaz, “I need to be away from you right now.”

Addendum: This is a follow-up to my daughter going to Big Kid School, as I will call it, as I mentioned yesterday, but still sort of fits here. When I picked up my daughter from her last day of this short stint, she seemed to act… somehow… more grown-up. I can’t explain it, but I think even this short time there, in that type of enviornment, has helped her. I ran my thoughts by Ms. Kaz, and she agreed.


One Response to Not a baby anymore…

  1. I think all tantrum-related behaviour has communications issues at its heart so it figures that the developmental leap that exposure to school will give her (not because it’s any ‘better’ than being at home – just because its so different) would have quite an impact. We noticed a similar jump in maturity when dudelet came out of his cast and learnt to walk again. Same with grown-ups, I guess – change changes you…

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