Independence Day

“I don’t want her to be, you know, ignored.”

The above quote is from Ms. Kaz. The same Ms. Kaz who worries that we are spoiling our daughter.

That quote is in reference to our daughter going to “big kid school” — the pre-school/daycare our daughter will be going to, starting this summer. She is going there this week as a part-trial-period, part-place-to-go-while-her-daycare-provider-takes-a-vacation.

In a way, I know what Ms. Kaz means. At my daughter’s current daycare, there is just her and another boy her age. Occasionally, an older boy will be there. So, she gets a lot of attention there.

Her daycare provider and her husband are old enough to have grandkids my daugher’s age. But they don’t. So my daughter is like a grandchild to them. They dote on her, and they spoil her — especially for her birthday and Christmas.

On the other hand, her new daycare has more kids. It is more structured, like a preschool. And they do not know her personality and quirks yet.

In other words, she won’t be as “special” there. And to parents, their kids are always special.

Yet, at the same time, we know it is important for her to no longer be treated quite so special. And I think she is ready for it. Lately, she has really been asserting her independence. We hear, “No, I want to do it!” a lot. We also hear, “You can’t go there/do that, daddy! That’s for big kids only, all right?”

All this leads me to believe she’s ready for a little more independence, and that a new school where she can learn to interact, share, and learn with more kids (and some older and younger than her) is a good thing.

I think we’re just not ready to admit she’s not a little baby anymore…


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