Something fishy

I hear a lot of talk on the blogs lately regarding that recent study “linking” fish consumption during pregnancy to the child’s neurological development. Or, most specifically, the child’s ability to protect itself from “adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes”.

Mostly what they seem to be saying is that the benefits of eating fish for the nutrients it does provide outweights the negatives of eating fish. Basically, it seems to come down to Omega-3’s versus mercury.

This is fine. If you eat fish, and can get the benefits from eating it, that’s great.

But if it really comes down to Omega-3 consumption, then I am disappointed in the news outlets, and the blogs downplaying alternative sources of Omega-3’s. These sources are especially important to vegetarian pregnant women who wish to remain vegetarian during their pregnancy.

Vegetarians aside, it would be beneficial to promote these alternate choices to all mothers. Combining use of these other sources with even more limited fish consumption can help women reduce the risks associated with mercury consumption.


One Response to Something fishy

  1. BookGirl says:

    I was just commenting yesterday to The Physicist on the lack of non-fish omega-3 options being mentioned in these articles. While I was pregnant, I made a point of eating a couple of DHA-fortified eggs each day as well as taking supplements derived from algae. Now that the kid has arrived, I’m still taking the supplements. So I don’t even have to worry about mercury! Win-win, if you ask me.

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