There’s a cold being passed around our household, so I just have a couple of quickies for tonight:

  • Now that my daughter is 2 1/2, it is about time she started thinking about what she’d like to do with her life. Fortunately, I found a game that will help her. It is called The Exciting Game of Career Girls. Now, I just have to find a copy of it somewhere… (via BoingBoing)
  • The Buffalo News has a front-page article about the difficulty in getting school kids to accept healthy school lunches. It talks about not only how “it is healthy” doesn’t inspire school kids, but also how healthy brands have to compete against those kids are bombarded with advertisements for. It talks about some local successes, including how one Montessori school is handling the problem.
  • On the potty-training front, my daughter continues her gradual progress. However, one member of our household has suddenly embraced the potty — our youngest cat, the one we affectionately call stupid mother f’er “the kitten.” The potty we bought for our daughter – the one she used, like, 4 times before wanting to sit on the big potty – is now being used by “the kitten” to pee in. We now have to clean it out once or twice a day. Why don’t we put it away if our daughter isn’t using it? We’re afraid of where he might go if we took it away.
  • Did I mention I love our local Letters to the Editor page? Lately, there is a big flap about Connecticut wanting to switch to Compact Flourescent bulbs. I mentioned previously that we were going to try them, and we did. We bought one at IKEA (actually about $.5o+ cheaper than at Home Depot). It worked pretty well. It does take a while to “warm up” but once it does it works great. Anyhow, there were two letters which annoyed me:
    • A self-identified older gentleman complains about flourescent bulbs, saying, in his experience, they aren’t as bright, and that will hurt people, such as himself, who cannot see as well. I believe this was the same letter where he said he would horde bulbs and hope the bulb police don’t raid his home. (note: this may have been two seperate letters, I forget)
    • Another was from a member of a local environmental group who complained about the mercury content in the bulbs, and how this is a more environmentally friendly alternative. I will give him points for mentioning LED lights as an alternative.

In answer to the first gentleman, there is a big difference between the old flourescent bulbs which hung in basements, and CF bulbs. Most CF bulb packages will identify the comperable wattage of traditional bulbs. We got one comperable to a 75 watt bulb, and I would say it is at least as bright as a 75 watt traditional bulb.

In answer to the second, he fails to mention the reduced carbon and other toxin emissions which will result in the use of less electricity due to the bulbs. I know you are trading one evil for another, but if the second evil is lesser, isn’t that a good start? We are asked to choose the lesser of two evils every 4 years in November anyhow…
Hopefully, we’ll all be healthy soon, and I can finish up our trip report. Then those of you bored by Disney can read something a little more interesting.

Now, since I live in Connecticut, I better head to the grocery store and buy a month’s worth of groceries — there’s a few inches of snow predicted tomorrow night…


6 Responses to Quickies

  1. Healthy foods and marketing. Horrible battle. We just had our first encounter (having accidentally let dudelet see a Macdonalds advert) with Yellow Arches Fever, as dudelet had to be dragged past the amazing place he’d seen on the telly with the pictures in the windows. Shudder.

    [Kaz: Our daughter knows McDonalds as the place with the indoor playground. Although she’s only been once, they all look the same, so everytime we pass one, she says, “I went there!” Fortunately, she’s never had the food there…]

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    We’ve been on the fluorescent bulb kick for several years now and our electricity bills have plummeted. My IKEA bulbs didn’t last as long as my Home Depot ones, however, so keep that in mind. I’ve got a pair of round bulbs that allow me to place the shade on the bulb – they’ve been going strong for almost three years now (and they do take several seconds to warm up… it’s kind of cool, though, because they’re on timers and it doesn’t shock you when they “pop” on.)

    Oh, and I’ve tagged you over on my blog for meme.

  3. L.A. Daddy says:

    And… feel better!

    L.A. Mommy is sick right now. I’m probably next.

  4. MyBestInvest says:

    Very funny about the cat. I can say that because I am far, far away and can’t smell the cat pee. Probably not so funny to you.

    I like your knickname for the cat. Ours has a knack for vomiting on our bedding. When we have the feather comforter on, each vomit costs us $35 in dry cleaning.

    Not cat is worth even one dry cleaning.

  5. Chris says:

    Here in DC, we just buy loads and loads of toilet paper and milk. It’s unclear why.

  6. paula says:

    LOL – crazy cat! Or you have a genius cat on your hands … wait until she’s reading your daughter to sleep and washing the dishes!

    We use the low-energy bulbs from IKEA – the only difficulty I have with them is the slightly cooler light (more green than yellow) and they’re not quite as bright. Not the end of the world, though – we’ve adapted quite happily.

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