Happy Friday

Sorry, I’ve been working on a trip update, and I keep remembering more and more… so I am trying to work out a balance of keeping your interest while not boring you with Disney overkill…

In the meantime, did I ever mention what fun it is to go out and pick up the paper in the morning?

Just this morning, the front page features two stories:

2nd-grader faces drug charge

It seems a 7 year old brought some crack into the school and gave some to his friends. I can’t bring myself to read the whole story, but my guess would be that the kid picked up some of his parents’ drugs and really has no idea what this stuff is. Either way, he’s been charged (7 years old, remember) with possession of narcotics, and has a juvenile court date.

Kids’ soaps contain traces of carcinogen

A group of Connecticut environmental groups comissioned a study to look at children’s soaps and shampoos, and found that 15 of the 24 tested contained small amounts of 1,4-dioxane. The EPA has determined this to be a “probably human carcinogen.”
If I can find a link on this, I will, but it appears to be a debate between “acceptable levels” (the manufacturers) and non-acceptable (the coalition).
I can’t say we’re okay, but we did switch to natural versions of shampoos for our daughter about a year ago. The striking part of the article, really, is the quote from a UMass research study which says that since 1975, childhood cancers have risen 21%.

Okay, well, at least I can get a laugh from reading the letters to the editor…


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