Break on through to the other side

We always try to get our daughter to do a little “drawing” on cards we send out. Today, we were working on this year’s batch of Valentine’s cards.

The cards we got are glossy on one side, and not glossy on the other. Obviously, they expect you to write on the non-glossy side. Obviously, this means my daughter will attempt to color on the glossy side.

“It might be easier to color on the other side, sweetie…”

I have a friend at work who sometimes will not turn around when you speak to him. It doesn’t mean he isn’t listening. It is just the way he is. It takes some people a while to get used to this.

My daughter is sometimes like this. Sometimes, I don’t know if she is listening or not. This time, I assumed she was ignoring me as she started to work her way around the table and over to me. Hey, she’s been on a daddy kick lately. Once she reaches me, she puts the card on the table and begins to draw on the glossy side again.

“It might be easier on the other side, sweetie,” I try again.

My daughter picks up her card and heads to the other side of the table. “Where are you goi–”

Then it dawns on me. She heard me. But she thought I meant it might be easier to draw on the other side… The other side of the table.

I couldn’t help but smile…


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