The Happiest Place on Earth – Day 1b

We came prepared for the worst on the plane, but the worst never came. We didn’t even need to break out the portable DVD player. We only had to remind my daughter 4 or 5 times (hey, not bad for a 2 1/2 year old!) not to kick the seat in front of her.

She got excited, and not the least bit nervous, about flying (“We’re flying, Peter Pan!”). She thought it was neat, for all of 5 seconds, that the clouds were below us, instead of above us. It didn’t take long, however, until the glare of the sun off the clouds made her want us to shut the shades.

After that, it was eating airplane crackers, reading the inflight magazine, trying to sleep and not being able to… and that was for her, not us! It was like she was some mini adult. Except adults can use the airplane bathroom on their own…

I am not sure if you’ve tried to change a diaper in an airplane bathroom before… Heck, it is hard enough to fit one person in there. Maybe larger airplanes have roomier bathrooms (this plane fit, probably, 140 or so people), but I am amazed at the stories of couples trying to join the Mile High club using the bathroom on the plane. How do they do this? I could see if Kate Moss was one of the people, but really…

I had to stand my daughter up on the toilet and change her while she was standing up, holding onto me because (a) the plane moves – not a lot, but just enough, and (b) she was a little frightened of the whole “changing in the bathroom” thing. We managed, with a bit of frustration, to get that done. Thank god it was just a wet diaper.

We got to the airport, took the shuttle bus (Disney Magic Express) once we found it, checked in, got changed, got on the bus to go to the park and spent the last 3 or 4 hours of the day at the Magic Kingdom.

[Editors Note: I feel I should mention, at some point in this series, that I do work for a company owned by Disney. I have, however, tried to be objective, or at least leave out any parts I felt I couldn’t be objective about]

I will talk more about the resort we stayed in later, but the service that first night was first rate. Granted, they forgot to give us our room “keys” when we checked in, but, as I was about to stomp back down to the desk (not really that close to our room), the front desk guy came around the corner with our keys.

We brought a nightlight for our daughter, because she needs one to sleep. Of course, when we plugged it in, the bulb blew. I called the concierge desk, and they brought a nightlight right up to us. We didn’t have a crib (standard pack-n-play) in our room (or so I thought), we called – they brought one right up.

Funny thing — after my daughter went to bed, I checked in the “living room” table, which looked like a chest, and there was a pack-n-play in there. Oh well, I preferred the full-sized crib they brought up anyhow.

I think the excitement of the first time in the parks overwhelmed my daughter a bit. Not in terms of having breakdowns, but just, well, what to do. On the way to one ride (“Wanna go on Peter Pan ride!”), we’d pass three more rides she wanted to go on (“Wanna go on THAT ride!”).

She did okay. She had fun on the rides. She was a bit disappointed to see Cinderella’s castle, but not be able to meet her (that’s Day 2), but she settled in for the parade and sat there patiently (with the help of ice cream). I think she was amazed by the parade. The highlight being when I told her I saw Cinderella coming, and she hopped up on her knees, straining to see, with a big smile on her face (okay, okay, I don’t want to discuss the good v. evil of the Disney Princesses — Cinderella’s a nice movie, and if it makes my daughter happy to see her, I don’t mind).

We didn’t stay for the fireworks, and on the bus ride back to the hotel, with the motion, and the lights turned off, my daughter did something she never does — she laid her head down on my leg, and within a minute or so, she was fast asleep. She slept through the bus ride, my picking her up, carrying her to the hotel room, and didn’t wake up until we began to change her.

Of course, at that time, the EPCOT fireworks (which are just across the street, and we could see from the balcony) started. This meant a very late bedtime, but she did go right down and out.

By the end of the day, I could have used a soak in the whirlpool tub the room had. Unfortunately, the tub is seperated from the bedroom by an accordian shade only, which meant using it would have made too much noise.

Next time, hear about 4 days experiences in the parks, more about the hotel, sleeping, fireworks and whatever else I happen to remember…


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