The Christmas Haul, Part V: See You On The Moon

My brother-in-law is not one of my daughter’s godparents (she doesn’t have any)… he’s more like her musicparent, responsible, I think he believes, for her musical upbringing.

Now, I admit, we indulge her with the occasional Barney or Raffi song. But I do sing her a lot of Beatles songs at night. I try to be a “hipster parent,” as the kids today say. But it is nice to know my brother-in-law’s got my back.

moonThis year, my daughter received the cd, See You On The Moon, by the very prolific band, Various Artists. They are mostly Canadian artists – how much more hip can you get? Okay, I’m not really ragging on Canadian artists. I grew up near the great 51st state of Canada, listing to a lot of those hip (and not-so-hip) Canadian bands — Bryan Adams The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, Lowest of the Low, The Dream Warriors, etc.

It is taking me a while to get into this cd. And, like more Various Artists compilations, I think there are ones I will like, and ones I will not like. I think the same is true for my daughter.

This disc is very eclectic, moving from a slow, lullaby-like songs, to funny songs, to upbeat, to songs with a techno-y beat. I need to give a few more listens, but I like the techno-y, 24 Robbers, a jump-rope song with a nice beat to it. I also like the title song, See You On The Moon. My daughter immediately liked this one.

In fact, she so like the song, that she is now determined that she will be an astronaut (“maybe I’ll be an astronaut/work for NASA/Maybe I’ll see you on the moooOOOOooon“) “when [she] grow[s] up, and ride in a spaceship and go to the moon and mommy and daddy go with me?”

I’ve given up trying to explain that I will likely be to old by the time she’s an astronaut. I don’t want to get her all paranoid about her parents getting old already. Besides, who knows? Maybe we’ll all be taking weekend trips to the moon in 20 years. If so, I’m getting my brother-in-law to provide the tunes for the trip…


One Response to The Christmas Haul, Part V: See You On The Moon

  1. The Hip?! I love the Hip. My brother-in-law (a Canuck) and I drove nearly 2000 miles (round trip) to see them play at the Austin City Limits Fest.

    [Kaz: It used to be awesome when they made Connecticut part of their tours. We’d see them with about 200 or less die-hard fans in an intimate setting. I’d rub it in to my Canadian friends who had to see them in 20,000+ arenas!]

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