Darn! Didn’t win (again)

In this morning’s paper, I noticed the Life Magazine (didn’t this used to be a real magazine? Like, one you had to pay for?) named Patrick Dempsey, “The Sexiest Dad Alive.”

I thought for sure this was my year… oh, well. The good thing about Sexiest Dad Alive is that once you are eligible (you become a dad), you remain eligible forever. Unless you die, I guess.

The funny thing is, if you are around my age, 37 late-thirties in your thirties, you remember Patrick Dempsey from such movies as Can’t Buy Me Love, and Loverboy, where he got the women (girls?) but was anything buy sexy.

I guess there is hope for me!


3 Responses to Darn! Didn’t win (again)

  1. planet3rry says:

    Dempsey brought geek to coolness in those movies. He bridge the gap for me that you could be Ducky but that you could transform into Ferris.

    Perhaps you should have entered into the Sexiest Green Dad Alive…

    [Kaz: Feh. I am sure Dempsey’s driving a hydrogen car around Hollywood…]

  2. Mitch McDad says:

    My wife gets downright weepy when she watches Grey’s. I don’t get it.

    My favorite PD role is in Outbreak. I thought that was a career killer. Guess not.

  3. I hear that the title of Sexiest Tranny Dad is still available, if you wanna make a go of it.

    [Kaz: Wait. Wouldn’t I have to be a dad after the tranny part? Or do I have it backwards??]

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