Tuesday Quickies

Just a few small items I thought I would lump together:

  • My daughter has a stuffed rhinocerous from the John Lennon collection. Okay, I actually bought it years before we even thought of having kids. Anyhow, the other day, she was pretend sleeping with it, and I asked what she had. She told me it was a, “Rhinosaur.” I asked her rhinosaurs’ name, and she told me, “Baby Rhinosaur!”
  •  Tonight, my daughter cut me a little more slack with the defintions. Today was, “What jealous mean?” After just two times of me saying, “it means when someone has something you want,” she seemed to be satisfied.
  • Also tonight, as we were reading and getting into bed, she told me how she didn’t like germs. “We don’t like daddy’s germs”, “We don’t like mommy’s germs”. Even, “We don’t like Marshall and Rascal’s germs!” (Marshall and Rascal being our cats)
  • Also tonight… my daughter obtained a new fear. I had to repeatedly reassure her when she stated: “Nobody will get me”, “Nobody will get my blankie”, and “Nobody will get my friends” (“Friends” being her lovies)
  • A week or so ago, we were playing in the playroom, and she was having me do the Sylverster McMonkey McBean (from the Sneetches … you know, Star-Belly Sneetches and Plain-Belly Sneetches) voice, and putting stars on various stuffed animals’ bellies. She handed me a little toy airplane and said, “here, you can stamp with this.” I was stamping stars away with this little toy airplane, and started to say, “now I should remove the stars and make you –” It was then that I realized what she was telling me. I could use it to make … plane-belly Sneetches. I was amazed a 2 1/2 year old could come up with this.
  • Speaking of amazed, my daughter utilized a thought process I don’t recall her using before.. we were making popcorn (it was daddy-daughter night), and she said, “I like popcorn!” Thinking about it some more, she said, “I like popcorn better than pancakes!” I am not sure she has even compared two things, declaring one better than the other before. I don’t know if this is typical for her age, or not, but I was impressed!
  • And speaking of the Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches … you know you are a parent, and especially a parent who reads too many Dr. Seuss books, when you co-worker is telling you about a meeting which has, “too many Daves” to keep straight and you tell her, “Did I ever tell you about Mrs. McCave, who had 23 sons, and she named them all Dave?”



2 Responses to Tuesday Quickies

  1. paula says:

    You’re 2 years ahead of us, so I’ll enjoy reading your experiences and looking forward to having some of our own.

    By the way, I found your blog through the Boob Juice Factory and I’ve added you to my blogroll. Happy 2007!

  2. nickihem says:

    How freakin’ cool this little girl is!… Like Paula, I too enjoy reading about what’s ahead. Even though the Bee’s only a couple months old we’re already wondering about how to respond the questions, anxieties, and general issues. I should enjoy this time when she’s completely helpless but gawd! I wish she would start talking already!

    [Kaz: I gotta tell ya, to me, the talking (especially the conversing part) and the playing are really cool. The tough part is the dealing with her testing her independence, and the chasing after. Just be careful what you wish for 🙂 ]

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