Toddler Mash-Ups

We are now singing mash-ups for our daughter.

We have a few songs we cycle through at bedtime for her. “I Will” by the Beatles (or, as she calls it “I Love You Song”), “Here, There and Everywhere” by the Beatles (“Other Beatles Song”), “Her Majesty” by the Beatles (“Belly Full of Wine”), and Na-na’s (a simple tune my mother taught us, which consists entirely of “na na”, but which always seemed to soothe her when she was young and colicky).

Last night, as she sometimes does, when we laid her in her crib and asked her what song she wanted, she said, “other Beatles song… na-na’s… other Bealtes song… na-na’s” — back and forth.

“How about if momma sings Na-na’s, and daddy sings Beatles?” I asked. She nodded. So, we sang them at the same time. It actually didn’t work out too badly.

Of course, my daughter thought it was hilarious, which I am sure didn’t help settle her down for a nap.

Now, I am thinking of doing mash-ups using the songs/noises many of her toys make…


One Response to Toddler Mash-Ups

  1. Sounds like I Hate Snaps is ready for a podcast!

    [Kaz: and each week, I can have a different special guest – Dorothy, Alf, Witch Hazel, Mickey Mouse, etc…]

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