The Christmas Haul, Part III: Lousy weather for a sleigh ride together

BambinoMy in-laws bought my daughter a sweet sled for Christmas. They had it delivered directly to our house so that we would not have to attempt to stuff it in the car to bring it back home.

Well, my daughter loved it. She wanted us to pull her around the house (what does she know about hardwood floors?), but we compromised one letting her pull her (much lighter weighing) dolly around the house a few times.

She liked it so much, we decided to pack it up and take it to upstate New York with us anyhow. “We’ll have a much better chance of having some snow to pull her around in when we’re in Buffalo and Rochester,” we thought.

Ha! The temperatures were in the upper-40’s and low-50’s the whole time we were there. We did get a bit of rain, which would have made for some great snow.

So, while I appreciated the weather for the driving, I feel bad my daughter has yet to use her new sled. And, looking at the forecast, it might be a while before she can. I hope she doesn’t outgrow it.

You can find the Bambino sled several places, including here ($100+, depending on model/options).


One Response to The Christmas Haul, Part III: Lousy weather for a sleigh ride together

  1. Tessa says:

    We had to drive 200+km for our babe’s first snow. (Not that we drove that for that sole reason – there was a holiday/family reason for the trek).

    Winter without snow is strange in our parts.

    I grew up with snow by Hallowe’en. Now we’re lucky to have it by Valentines.


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