The Christmas Haul, Part II: Swiss Penguins

pinguMy brother-in-law got my daughter two DVDs featuring everyone’s favorite (whether they know it or not) Swiss penguin, Pingu.

The DVDs contain a series of claymation shorts. There is no real dialogue. Well, maybe there is. It is all in penguin language (“pinguish”), which may or may not actually be penguin language, I am not sure.

The shorts are very cute, and my daughter really seems to be captivated by them. There is even one where Pingu gets a new baby sister (Pinga, I believe), which should help us in our quest to numb our daughter to the idea of a new sibling.

And at least they aren’t Barney, or The Wiggles! Nor do they contain any dialogue or voices which my daughter will make me do until I no longer know how to speak in my normal voice… but that’s a different post.

You can buy your own Pingu DVDs at Amazon for various prices. If you want to learn more about Pingu first, check out his official site.

Bonus fact (courtesy of wikipedia):

“In 1989, David Hasselhoff released (in Switzerland only) the single Pingu Dance, a rap song based on the Pingu shorts and featuring a number of samples of Pinguish. A portion of this song is used as the theme to Pingu on the PBS Kids Sprout channel in the United States.”


One Response to The Christmas Haul, Part II: Swiss Penguins

  1. planet3rry says:

    what can’t hasselhoff do?

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