Pre-Vacation Quickies

Okay, so I am on “vacation” starting tomorrow, but in reality, I will be visiting relatives for the holidays. Here’s a few quickies to keep you occupied while I pack:

  • My daughter has always been good with manners. Lately, though, she is concerned about correctly directing her manners. At dinner, she’ll ask us, “Mommy, you make dinner?” or, “Daddy, you make dinner?” Once she knows who made dinner, she’ll give us a, “Thank you, mommy!” or “Thank you, daddy!”
  • She is also really big on saying she “loves” things. For example, lately, depending on the meal, she’ll tell us, “I love that dinner!” On our “Christmas Morning” last weekend, she declared, “I love Santa!”
  • My mother now has high-speed internet. The good news is that I may be able to blog from her house now. The bad news is, she already broke it and is expecting me to fix it when I’m there.
  • Here are a couple of daddybloggers I’ve been checking out, and who have been checking me out:
    • Mike Adamick (Cry It Out: Adventures of a stay-at-home dad) is a reporter and essayist and a (duh) stay-at-home dad. He also has a weekly round up of  funny parenting blog entries he’s come across (I gotta get on one of these after the holidays!), and he’s fond of taking photos of his kid in public places.
    • Clare’s Dad is another Connecticut daddy who blogs. We’re growing in numbers! Soon we’ll have our own convention. Nice layout, and some interesting insights. Check it out.
  • Since we celebrated “Christmas” last weekend with our daughter, it feels like “after Christmas” to me. I see ads on TV, or hear songs on the radio, and I am thinking, “Why are they still playing that!? Christmas is over!”
  • My daughter is addicted to the Wizard of Oz. I mentioned earlier how I hardly ever talk in my own voice anymore because it is always, “Daddy, wanna be scarecrow? Daddy, wanna be witch?” Now, we’ve resorted to an Oz themed trick to get her to eat her dinner. We’ll pick out a piece of food and say, “This is … the scarecrow. Don’t eat the scarecrow!” She’ll then eat the piece of food, smile, we’ll be all, “oh no! she ate the scarecrow!” and she’ll wait for us to come up with some other piece of Oz to eat.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll have some good holiday stories to share… once I am done fixing my mom’s computer.


5 Responses to Pre-Vacation Quickies

  1. cryitout says:

    Have a great vacation! Can’t wait to read more when you return– even if involves you dressing up like a witch.

  2. Terry says:

    have a safe and entertaining vacation!

  3. Julie says:

    HILARIOUS! I need to try making OG eat the OZ characters! 🙂

    Merry “after” Christmas to you!

  4. Clare's Dad says:

    Thanks for the mention. We should have a Connecticut convention…there are a few of us.

    That’s funny about eating the Oz characters. We never did that with Clare, but Clare’s Mom pretends to help Clare brush people and things (like Santa’s reindeer) out of her teeth at night.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. L.A. Daddy says:

    Have a safe trip and leave plenty early – many flights are delayed everywhere because of all the snow in Denver.

    And have a good 2nd Christmas!

    [Kaz: Thanks. Fortunately, our families live just close enough to make it worth driving.]

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