The Big Talk (Part IX)

Ms. Kaz: Hey, sweetie. Would you like a little baby to come live with us?
Daughter: … no.
Ms. Kaz: Why not?
Daughter: Because mommy would hold it, and I would be jealous.

Uh oh.


6 Responses to The Big Talk (Part IX)

  1. Sean says:

    Haha… that’s cute.

  2. Henitsirk says:

    I love talking to little kids. They tell the whole truth.

    [Kaz: My daughter usually does tell the truth. “Did you nap today?” “No.”, “Stupid.” “What did you say?” “Stupid”, “Did you hit the kitty?” “Yes.” … about the only time she doesn’t? “Did you make a poopy?” “No.”]

  3. abba-daddy says:

    how does she know this word ?

    [Kaz: I honestly have no idea. She appears to use it in the proper context when she does, though. She also tells us that she is “frustrated” a lot, as well. No idea where she got that one. We both suspect Caillou.]

  4. cryitout says:

    How very self aware! That is too funny — good luck!

  5. I think perhaps a little reverse psychology may be in order –

    Ms. Kaz: Sweetie, would you like someone to come and live with us that you can boss around and that will do your bidding?
    Daughter: YES!

    Then you slowly ween her off the ‘boss around’ and ‘do your bidding’ part.

    [Kaz: You parents-to-be are so cute, what with your belief that kids actually forget things you say…]

  6. L.A. Daddy says:

    Nice… LA Mommy and I are about to have the talk about the next wee one. And as smart as LA Toddler is, she’s probably going to have a similar “Oh no you di-unt!” reaction…


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