… and I will call him George.

I don’t get it.

The whole time we were at my mother’s house for Thanksgiving, my daughter was very loving, and very kind to my mom’s cats.

So why is it that she is constantly doing one of the following to our cats?

  • Grabbing/pulling their tail
  • Laying on them
  • Pulling them by their neck
  • Hitting them
  • Throwing things at them
  • Trying to scare them

Don’t get me wrong – there are times she is really nice to the one cat that will get near her. But that is almost exclusively in the morning, when the cat hears me going up there to wake/get my daughter up, and he goes in there and they are all lovey to each other. These times are cute. My daughter will scritch his neck and call him her “buddy,” or she’ll pet him nicely and say, “you’re a good boy!”

I just don’t know how to get her to stop being mean to them. It is almost as if when we say, “you’re scaring him!” she acts as if that was the desired result.

Any ideas?

[Kaz: Update — LAKitty gives his story here.]


One Response to … and I will call him George.

  1. L.A. Daddy says:

    We’re right there with you. L.A. Toddler is torturing our cat. He’s even nipped at her a few times, which scares her momentarily, and then she’s right back at it.

    We just keep trying to reinforce to her that she’s scaring him. But it doesn’t work so well.

    I swear that poor cat has aged 20 years in the past year. He gives me that, “What did I do to YOU” look everyday now…

    [Kaz: The other cat is, at least in this way, smarter — he wants nothing to do with her. Which is really heartbreaking when she actually tries to be quiet and move slowly to pet him, and he runs away. She gets so sad that she cannot pet him. 😦 ]

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