…and your little dog, too!

A few quickies:

  • If your daughter (or son) is into Disney movies the way mine has, then you gotta check this out. (via BoingBoing)
  • Going to the video store to get something for Ms. Kaz and I to watch, my daughter insisted we rent the Wizard of Oz for her (she saw it once at an Aunt’s house, and really didn’t show much interest). Since then, I have to (my wife isn’t allowed to, apparently) constantly talk in either a witch voice, the scarecrow’s voice, or, even worse, Dorothy’s voice.
  • On a related Wizard of Oz note, the report from daycare the other day was that she was, “chasing Mikey* around the house saying, “I’ll get you, my pretty!” … ” (*not his real name, but the boy she goes to daycare with).
  • If Ms. Kaz is out one night, and it isn’t pizza night (Thursday, btw), but my daughter wants pizza that night, who am I to argue?
  • If I seem scarce, I am either working, doing holiday-related stuff, or here.

One Response to …and your little dog, too!

  1. rob says:

    Have you watched Wizard of Oz and played Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? Get the daughter hooked on that.

    PS The Scary Mary thing was scary.

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