Conversations with…: Okay, just say it one more time

Daughter: Favin looply.
Me: What’s that, sweetie?
Daughter: Favin looply.

Before I had kids, I could never understand what other people’s kids were saying. I assumed that once I had a child of my own, I would be able to understand them. And, for the most part, that’s true. I think as parents, we spend several years being translators for our kids.

However, lately, my daughter has been slightly difficult to understand at times. I think she picks up new words at daycare. And, no, not just bad words. The problem is, she learns them in her own way of speaking, and we don’t know what they are.

Me: …
Me (to brain): Okay, brain, this one’s for you. What’s she saying?
Brain: *shrug*

Okay, maybe I just need to have her say it right at me. So I get down on her level and try again, “Come over here and say it again, please.” My daughter comes over, her face inches from mine. She looks quite serious. This must be important. “Favin looply”

At this point, if I ask again, I know she’ll give me a response like she’s an American in a foreign country, and will say, “F A H – V I N L O O P – L Y Y Y Y Y Y!” Time to try a different tactic.

Me: Okay, go tell mommy.
Me (to Ms. Kaz): Mommy? Come here a second.
Daughter: Favin looply.
Me (to Ms. Kaz): Okay, what’s she saying?
Ms. Kaz: Why, favin looply, of course. Don’t you know, daddy?
Me: …

I was not amused. I don’t know if just not knowing what she said this time is what’s eating me, or if it is the fact that I feel like I should be able to understand my own daughter.

In the meantime, I say to all of you, “favin looply”


3 Responses to Conversations with…: Okay, just say it one more time

  1. Brian says:

    It’s even harder when they are older (3 and 5) but have just learned English. The worst is when they say it much much slower (or much much louder) as if that’s the problem.

    Favin looply to you too.

  2. Henitsirk says:

    What I want to know is, where do kids get the words they actually do make up? For some unknown reason, every time my kids see a yellow car, they call it a “drivvy”. Huh?

  3. L.A. Daddy says:

    Favin Looply is the inventor of the Gifilbenschloop Method. Dontchyaknow?

    L.A. Toddler has been doing this lately, too. She’s going through this “lazy speech” phase. She’ll talk with her thumb in her mouth or whine instead of talking or she’ll just make up words on the spot. I hope, at least, that it’s just a phase 🙂

    [Kaz: My daughter went through a phase (and still has an occasional relapse) where she would just whine and reach or point at something she wanted. Fortunately, for us, one or two (or three or four) times saying, “use your words” got her to tell us what she wanted.]

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