Do you see what I see?

led lightsSo, being almost 2 1/2, my daughter is really into Christmas this year. She is especially into Christmas lights. On the way back from daycare, we have to drive by some of the house which, well, apparently, the people in this neighborhood are really into those inflatable Christmas things. There is one house which has, I kid you not, about 15 of these things. And these aren’t big lots. I can’t imagine what their electric bill is.

Which leads me to my quest to buy additional Christmas lights. We usually just have lights spiral up the columns on either side of the door, then across the top of the entryway.

This year, I thought it might look nice to add lights to the bushes on either side of the entryway, as well as some new lights for the mantle.

I really like the little round frosted globe lights at Target. However, when I got there, I noticed they were carrying Phillips’ LED Christmas lights. These lights last longer than conventional lights. They are cooler to the touch, which is always a plus with little ones around. Even better, they use, on average, 80% less power than traditional lights. I definitely wanted to support this technology because less power = less pollution (more or less). The only drawback — price. I bought a 6-foot string of what they called “garland lights”. Actually, I bought the pack because (a) they didn’t have any left of what I really wanted, and (b) it said they have 90 lights per string. These boxes cost me $17.99 each!

Turns out “garland lights” means that, every couple inches, they bunch 4 lights together. These strands were no where near long enough to go around the bushes a few times.

This left me with a couple options: (1) go back to Target and buy more of these at $17.99 a box, or (2) go to Home Depot and look for more LED lights. Option (1) was out because I bought the last 2 boxes the day before. So, off to Home Depot I went.

Home Depot, much to my delight, had generic LED lights (cone-shaped, like my daughter originally wanted) for much less money ($7.99/box). I bought four. This worked out perfectly (althought they were out of the mixed color strings, so I got one white, one blue).

One box of Target lights now resides across the mantle, the other is headed back for a refund.

Aside from the energy consumption, I am finding I also like the look of these LED lights. I cannot explain the difference, but they definitely give off a different light than the traditional ones. Both Target and Home Depot have a display so you can see the result.

I may be crazy, but I think the LED have a very fast “flicker” effect. If they do, I got used to them really quickly.

One more note, if you want a pre-lit tree with LED lights, Home Depot has them. They were just too tall for what we wanted.

So, check them out, support the technology, and feel good this Holiday season. Or, check to see if your town has an exchange program, where you can trade your old, energy hog lights, for a set of new LED lights.


2 Responses to Do you see what I see?

  1. Wouldn’t it be even more energy conscious to not display lights at all?
    Sorry Kaz, I just felt the need to pull your chain.
    Since I haven’t put up my lights yet, I’ll go exchange two ‘energy hungry’ strands for ‘eco-friendly’ LED ones.

    [Kaz: Well, of course it would. But just wait until you have a two … er, TWO two year olds who go nuts when they see Christmas lights and want lights of their own 😉 Besides, I always say that every little bit helps.]

  2. Terry says:

    LED lights, less power, way cool! I’ll look for them on Dec 27th…

    [Kaz: Yeah, I hear ya. The two strands of non-LEDs around the entry way are flaking out on me. I think after the holidays, I will replace them with a couple strands of LEDs. I am really starting to like the look of them much more than the traditional ones.]

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