Wait, what happened to Nov. 31st??

It is December already?

Ms. Kaz and I realized that we haven’t bought a thing told Santa what our daughter wants for Christmas yet. Of course, when she looks through the zillions of catalogs we get, she either picks out everything, or two things.

As far as I can tell, she would like a nice wooden toy train set (she’d love the table ones, but we don’t have room for that), and the god-awful doll/doctor set. She already has a doctor’s kit. I guess we could just get her a really nice doll (where do I get one of these?), and let her “doctor” it with her own doctor’s kit…

Personally, I’d like to get her lots of stuff from the advertisers at DaddyTypes, but I’m hoping to avoid spending that kind of money. Maybe just for one gift. Like a nice toy piano.

UPDATE: on a related note, Treehugger.com has begun updating their 2006 Holiday Gift Guide, and they’ve started with some “green” gift ideas for kids. Check it out.


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