Help me, Obi-Wan

Ms. Kaz: Hopefully, she won’t remember…
Me: Have you met my daughter..?

Lando CalrissianLast night, as I was getting my daughter dressed for bed, she wanted to play with the toy car with the Disneyland kids (wearing the Mickey ears) in it. This, of course, got her talking about our trip to Disney.

Daughter: Gonna see Mickey an’ Minnie an’ Donald an’ Goofy an’ Pluto, toooOOoooo!
Me: That’s right, sweetie.
Daughter: An’ fireworks!

No, we’ve been avoiding telling talking to her about the fireworks, because lately she’s been a little afraid of loud noises, so we aren’t sure how she would handle them. Unfortunately, we want her to see the parade, and the fireworks are immediately after that. But, anyhow…

Me: There’s fireworks there?
Daughter: Yeah!
Me: Who told you about the fireworks, sweetie?
Daughter: … Gonna ride in car!
Me: There are some pretend cars there we can ride in.
Daughter: Daddy gonna drive car. Daddy gonna drive REAL car.
Me: Actually, we might not, sweetie. We are going to take an airplane down there.
Daughter: Yeah, airplane.
Me: …
Daughter: … Lando!
Me: … What’s that, sweetie?
Daughter: Lando!

So, now my daughter translater kicks in.

Translator: “Lando … 2 results found for ‘Lando’…
Me: Okay, let’s check result one.
Translator: “Lando Calrissian”
Me: Hmm… that’d be cool, but I’d think she’d come up with someone like Yoda, or Chewie, or even Greedo before Lando Calrissian. Better check result two…
Translator: “Orlando”
Me: Ahhh!

I’m pretty sure we’ve never bothered to tell her Disneyworld was in near Orlando.

Me: Orlando, sweetie?
Daughter: Right. ‘Lando.

So later on, I ask my wife if she’s been discussing our trip with our daughter, and recount the story. She didn’t discuss any of this with my daughter. So that leaves us with a couple options for where she got this info:

  1. The reference section of our local library
  2. The Internet
  3. A relative while we were back for Thanksgiving
  4. Daycare

Just to be safe, I am activating the filters on our browser software.


3 Responses to Help me, Obi-Wan

  1. BookGirl says:

    Yikes! Disney really manages to get their message out.

    We were visiting some freinds at their home recently and their not-quite-two-year-old was displaying all her toys for us. She came across a Winnie the Pooh gift bag and promptly turned it over and pointed at the logo and shouted “Disney!” She can barely say her own name…

    It terrified us, but I guess it’s something we have to look forward to.

  2. Henitsirk says:

    I think kids can just pick this stuff out of the airwaves. Maybe the same place my son’s fascination with guns came from? He can also recognize the Taco Bell logo, even though he probably has been there once, maybe when he was 2 years old.

    Personally, I’d pick Lando Calrissian over Orlando, Florida any day.

  3. Terry says:

    On a Lando Calrissian Note…

    On the cruise I took last week, there was Original Artwork by Lando, errrrrrrrrrrr, Billy Dee Williams hanging on the walls.

    These are not paintings you are looking for, move along…

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