Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 3

Today (so far) has been a great day… especially in the behavior department. My daughter has been almost an angel. Well, at least for her. Of course, the first part of the day (the pre-nap part) was spent mostly at the Strong Museum here in Rochester, which bills itself as a museum of play, and is a fantastic museum for kids.

I want to do a separate post just on the museum itself, because it is so wonderful, and my daughter has such a great time. Most of the play is geared toward learning, but for someone almost 2-and-a-half, like my daughter, it is just a giant playground.

I am a little worried, because we’ve been relying on a lot of tricks in getting her to eat: “If you don’t eat your pasta, Uncle is going to eat it!”, “I would really make Uncle happy if you ate another piece!”, etc. I’ve already offered my brother-in-law a room at our house, if it’ll mean she’ll continue to eat well.

After the nap, we make our way to my mom’s house. Hopefully, we won’t have to go through the whole re-entry (re-adapting to a new place) process we had to go through here.

Oh, and about my mom’s house – it is a neverland of internet connectivity. Oh, she has dial-up, but no way in heck am I gonna blog on a dial-up connection. Next update will be days 4-6.


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