Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 2

Today went pretty well. Our daughter had plenty of people to help entertain her. And a dog. “Shelly the dog,” as my daughter likes to call her.

Dinner was pushed back to 4:30pm to accomodate our daughter’s sleep schedule. And she did nap well today. I think the excitement of being here settled a bit, and she became more comfortable sleeping somewhere other than her own bed.

For those of you wondering about Thanksgiving for vegetarians, we had: fried tofu, with a vegetarian gravy, beet and apple puree, cranberries, vegetarian stuffing, brussel sprouts, and mashed sweet potatoes. And plenty of good wine, of course.

Of this wonderful meal, my daughter ate: one cranberry, and one small bite of tofu. She usually loves tofu, too. We did eventually get her to eat a fair amount of vegetarian hot dog. Enough to earn some chocolate pie (actually chocolate tofu pie – trust me, it really is quite good – you’d never know if was tofu) and some ice cream.

Speaking of pies, for 6 adults, we had 5 pies – chocolate tofu, apple, sweet potato, pumpkin and pecan.

We had talked to her about Thanksgiving and giving thanks leading up to this year’s celebration. When we were putting her to bed, we thanked her for being such a good girl today, and for being a wonderful daughter. She responded by saying, “Thank you, momma. Thank you, dada… for giving me pie.”

We put her down for bed just a short time ago, and so far, so good.


One Response to Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 2

  1. Bob says:

    What’s “friend tofu”? Do they sell it at Whole Foods? 😉
    [Kaz: Hey, now – don’t pick on my typing! 😦 ]
    For our Thanksgiving, my vegan mother-in-law fixed us vegetarians the very non-traditiional (but traditional for our family) Veat Salmon, peas, potato pancakes and bread. Both the one- and three-year old scarfed it down. You’d think they wouldn’t like fake salmon at that age, but they sure as heck do. And it is tasty stuff, especially without all that suffering and junk. It’s even got fake TVP skin! Mmmm, fake skin.

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