Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 1

Today was a lot of driving, and no nap. Ms. Kaz says this is the first time we’ve travelled back (6+ hours) that our daughter hasn’t taken at least a short nap. We tried all kinds of bribes: “no ice cream and Nonna’s house if you don’t nap!”, “It’ll take much longer to get there if you don’t nap!”, “You won’t be able to stay up and see Uncle when he gets in!” Nothing worked.

This, of course, led to her being over tired, trying to fall alseep in a place which isn’t her room and her bed. So, we’ve made a ton of trips up there for songs, na-na’s, and shushing. I have a feeling it is going to a be a long night.

My father-in-law had three great bottles of wine ready for dinner tonight. That might make things a bit more bearable.

We’ll see what tomorrow is like, with the craziness of getting Thanksgiving dinner ready.


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