Quick Update

Things might be a tad slow these days. We’re getting ready to head back to our our parents’ houses for the holidays. I am sure that will create plenty of good stories to share. In the meantime, here are some random thoughts:

  •  Our daughter has been waking up more than usual lately, saying, “want light on!” meaning the night light on her sound machine. We decided, and I don’t know if this a good idea in the long-run or not, to get her a nightlight that stays on. Since the location of the plugs in her room is not really great for a plug in nightlight, we went to Ikea to get a wall-mounted one. She chose the moon one. Even with a 4w bulb, it is a little brighter than we thought it might be. She loved it, though.
  • Our daughter also appears to have begun talking in her sleep lately. The other night, she woke up, calling for “mommy.” When mommy went in, she asked, “mommy, wanna go to playschool with me?” then went back to sleep.
  • The Christmas hype has begun. My daughter has started singing, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on her own… and she’s doing quite well with the lyrics.
  • Anyone know where we can get nice snow boots?
  • Our daughter has also moved to the stage where she wants to sit at the table, instead of her own strap-on high chair. She now wants booster chairs in restaurants, and to sit in the “big chair” at the dinner table. For now, she’s agreed to sit in her chair without the tray on, but at the table.
  • She is also into manners… occasionally. When she’s behaving, she’ll sometimes tell us, “I’m being nice to you. I’m not being fresh to you.”

That’s it for now. Sorry for not having something more substantial.


2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Brian says:

    They make booster seats for chairs. Ours is adjustable and has 3 levels. It comes with a tray, so it was probably in the highchair section of Baby’s R Us.

    [Kaz: That sounds kind of like what we have, only now, she doesn’t want the tray – she wants to sit right up at the table. Which is fine, as long as she’s still strapped in and not getting down and walking around every two minutes!]

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    My little one has been sneaking in and climbing in to bed with us. She can’t seem to make it through the night on her own. Usually, one of us is too tired to either notice or even take her back to her own bed. It’s something we need to work on. But, we’re also thinking it may be tied to the fact that I’ve had a recent accident and she’s a bit freaked out by it — and we don’t want to mess her up.

    That’s good she’s in to manners! Ours says, “No” before she even knows what we want her to do… oy.

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