It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My daughter is almost as bad as the retailers. She’s already talking about Christmas and sitting on Santa’s lap, and walking around singing Jingle Bells (although, she did ask yesterday if she could go trick-or-treating).

So, I ask her:

Me: What are you going to ask Santa for for Christmas?
Daughter: Toys!
Me: What kind of toys?
Daughter: Uhm… choo-choo train!

Fair enough. But what I really want for myself think she really wants is a pirate ship tree house! This thing is sweet, and I would have a blast she would have a lot of fun playing in it. It has a swing, a fireman pole, a ladder to climb up into the ship part of it (although the crow’s nest is inaccessible), and, according to the description, an “oversized log”. On a green note, they use an actual log from an already fallen tree.

pirate shipIf you aren’t already convinced, the website also offers you a list of benefits of treehouses, such as, uhm, adding “value and curb appeal” to your home..? As well as, being “incredible conversation pieces.” (I guess, that would be something like, “You paid WHAT for a treehouse?!?”)

Yeah, that’s the drawback… the thing costs $18,499 (oh, and another 99 cents on top of that). I need to let the in-laws know that I really want my daughter really wants one of these for Christmas.

I mean, c’mon… it involves pirates. The only thing that would make it better is if it included a live monkey!

Get your very own at Costco for, again, a mere $18,499.99. And be sure to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. And you’ll need to sign for it. Oh, and you’ll need a 6′ x 8′ x 4″ concrete slab (rebar-reinforced) to put it on. And your own forklift.


2 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Does it come preassembled? Or at least with one of those little hex wrenches you get with Ikea furniture?

  2. Tessa says:

    I LOVE it. I would live in it and hurl curses at any who dared to come close. Arrrrggggghhhhhh.

    [Kaz: Hey, I never thought of LIVING in it. That makes it go from expensive outdoor toy to a really inexpensive house!]

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