Behind the Curve

I used to think my daughter was ahead of the curve. Her language skills are very well developed for her age. She certainly surprised the heck out of me with the things she remembers, the things she thinks up, and the things she deduces.

I used to think she was ahead of the curve.

Then I heard about what Lily Capehart had accomplished by the age of two.

According to her family website, well, they can tell it better than I can:

lizards from lizard-ville

Lily’s gift was realized at the young age of two when according to her mother, Dina, Lily chased down and captured the critters wherever they went. Unlike most girls her age, instead of playing with dolls, Lily dresses up and plays with lizards. With her uncanny ability to “relax” and “hypnotize” them, Lily began dressing the lizards in costumes and creating whimsical scenes.

Her father, Lucien, photographs these scenes and sells them. You can view and purchase them at the lizard-ville website.

Damn, I wish there were more lizards in Connecticut.

(via BoingBoing)


2 Responses to Behind the Curve

  1. Geez, I find that a little disturbing.

    Not the idea that she plays with lizards, but the idea that the dad photographs them and sells the images. Weird.

  2. Terry says:

    Isn’t it always about the lizard?

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