The Big Talk (Part VIII)

This year, my daughter had a lot of fun with the fall leaves. We raked them into a pile, and then she and I jumped in them and threw them up in the air and had a great time. It made for some great photos, too.

One of the things she wanted to do was to help. She was able to help, somewhat, with getting the leaves into the bag. But what she really wanted to do was rake. Of course, the rake was way too large for her. So, we made a promise to find a kid-sized rake.

The best we could find after searching all over (okay, Home Depot and our corner hardware store) was a shrub rake, which has a smaller head and a handle which is a little shorter. “The hardware store on the corner has them,” my wife told me. So, this weekend, we went off to get a “child-sized” rake, and an additional adult-sized one.

At the hardware store, I gave my daughter a rake to try out, and it worked great. That is when The Big Talk commenced…

Me: Oh, you already have one. I’ll put this one back.
Ms. Kaz: No, I want to get two.
Me: … why?
Ms. Kaz: Well, in case we have another kid.
Me: …
Ms. Kaz: …
Me: We could just come back and buy another one, you know.


3 Responses to The Big Talk (Part VIII)

  1. Uhm, is Ms Kaz working a plan?

    [Kaz: I think she’s giving up on me wanting to have kids for the sake of having kids, and has moved on to the plan that, once we have a ton of stuff for two, it will be more cost effective to actually have two…]

  2. Terry says:

    It’s the softening process, much like a heavy weight boxer for those later round, makes a KO (or a knock-up) all that easier…

  3. Henitsirk says:

    Once in a while my daughter will say something like “Mama, Papa, Rebecca, Duncan, and the baby”…as if there’s a baby lurking somewhere out there. Maybe she’s plugged into some future event, or maybe she’s just trying to freak us out!

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