The Hot List

One of the things about your child growing up is seeing how they change. My daughter has been changing, personality-wise, quite a bit lately. It got me to thinking about how she used to like somethings that are kind of out of style with her now. So, I decided to make up a little “What’s Hot?” / “What’s In/Out” list. I now present it, in horrendous formatting, for your reading enjoyment…

In: Thomas the Train sippy cup at night Out: Avent bottle with spout
In: Humming, Singing, Rhyming Out: Screaming
In: “Daddy, wanna be witch?” Out: “Daddy, wanna be tiger?”
In: Peter Pan Out: Cinderella
In: Markers Out: Crayons
In: “Daddy wanna hold you?” (again) Out: “Daddy wanna hold me?”
In: Mommy/Daddy picking out bib Out: Picking out her own bib
In: Big girl utensils Out: Kid-sized utensils
In: Delaying bedtime with “wanna go potty” Out: Delaying bedtime with “one more book”
In: Playing with & hurting the cat Out: Just hurting the cat


One Response to The Hot List

  1. Terry says:

    what a great idea… I see similarities of that list with my kids.

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