Uni & Vintage Clothing

uni & vintage coatGreg, over at DaddyTypes had a post up recently about Uni & Vintage childrens clothing, which just recently became available at US on-line retailers.

Looking around, I saw some clothing from them which was a little, ehhh. But there were also some really sweet looking pieces, such as this coat.

But what really struck me with this clothing was how it is made. Christine Ekodo-Delaunay, the designer, scours flea markets and second-hand stores for vintage materials, which are then refashioned into children’s clothing.

Of course, being made via re-use of materials, while being great for the environment, also means that the production runs are very limited, and thus very pricey (this coat being $650 – you could almost buy a Bugaboo for that!). However, each piece is guaranteed unique.

Your best bet is probably still going to the second-hand store yourself (we’ve been able to find some great clothing for our daughter this way). However, as I have seen in these stores, not everything is going to come back into style. If this material can be reworked into something more “fashionable” that’s great. Hopefully, we’ll start to see more of this, and prices may come down.

(The Uni & Vintage Chevron Coat for just $650 at Felder&Charles via DaddyTypes)


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  1. aalize says:

    Thought this might interest you: http://www.earthwarebiodegradables.com/index.html
    p.s. I don’t think your email address works

    [Kaz: I add a [remove] in the email address in an effort to thwart spammers (yeah, right). You just need to remove it from the To: field when you click on the email link, and it should work.]

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