Thanks and Welcome!

A special thanks to Paul Nyhan who write the Working Dad blog for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on-line edition for naming I Hate Snaps this week’s winner, for, uhm, I’m not sure, best blog? Anyhow, it was very surprising to discover this, and I am flattered that he picked us to highlight on his blog.

He also provides news and information, on the web and elsewhere, from a dad’s perspective on parenting. He’s got quite a bit of good stuff there, and you don’t have to live in Seattle to get a lot out of it. So check it out!

And a special welcome to everyone who made their way here from there!


4 Responses to Thanks and Welcome!

  1. Terry says:

    Rock On Kaz! You are definitely deserving of the notoriety! Dads Rule!

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    Excellent! It’s always nice to know you’re being recognized for your hard work. And you deserve it.

  3. WorkingDad says:

    Oops, it appears I was in a rush to get home Friday night. We tapped i hate snaps as our Site of the Week. I’ve fixed it online.

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