It’s a wonder kids survive…

I’ve been looking for a reason to write about the CHEC blog for a while now. The CHEC blog was created by the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC), and is currently in the middle of their “90 Tips for 90 Days” campaign. This campaign presents a tip a day for creating a healthier environment for you and your kids.

The tips (currently about a third of the way through), are presented by experts and advocates in the field, and feature such luminaries as Laura Dern, Amy Brenneman, and Erin Brokovich. I’ve enjoyed most of the tips, but, at least to me, none were as eye-opening as today’s, which deals with the plastics in baby bottles, and the chemicals in those plastics.

The major culprit is PVC plastics (those marked as #3 for recycling purposes).

The post doesn’t specifically mention Avent, which we use (my daughter refuses to use anything else for naptime/bedtime, as these are the “nite-nite bottle”). However, a quick check of the Avent site shows they do not, in fact, use PVC plastics in their bottles.

There are plenty of great tips in this post and all the others, so check them out. And be sure to keep checking in for the rest of the 90 tips.


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