Creating a Treehugger

the loraxSo, during this latest trip to the library to get some books for my daughter, she seemed a little less interested in picking out her own books. She picked out a few, but it fell to me to pick out a couple, as well. One of the books I picked out was The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss.

It is a long book, but it had been a long time since I read watched it, so I have to admit, I picked it up partially for me. But I liked the message, as well, and if my daughter got any lesson out of it, all the better.

Reading it at bedtime, she had her usual questions, “What’s that tree? What’s that guy? What’s that fish? Where birdies going?” Of course, being the treehugger I am, I had to steer the answers and the conversation in a green direction.

And she seemed generally interested, and a bit intrigued as to why the creatures all looked sick, and why they were all leaving.

“They’re sick. They’re going home.” “No, sweetie, they have to leave their homes because the pollution has made them sick.” I think the idea of having to leave one’s home had never occurred to her.

So, we talked about how they were cutting down trees, and how the Brown Bar-Ba-Loots had no more fruit to eat, and so were sick. We talked about how trees are important – “Trees ‘portent!” – and about the pollution in the air and the water.

Basically, after one read through, she took away that trees are important. That’s a good start.

(Watch The Lorax on Google video)
(Buy the much superior, The Lorax book, by Dr. Seuss, at Barnes & Noble, for just $11.96)
(Or better yet, borrow it from your local library)


One Response to Creating a Treehugger

  1. ceridwen-sky says:

    Thanks, I’ll look it up. We still quote Green Eggs and Ham to our daughter when she doesn’t want to eat something… except, I don’t think it’s working. She still wont eat apples 🙂
    [Kaz: We try that, too! If she says she doesn’t like something or doesn’t want something, I give her the ol’, “you do not like it, so you say. Try it, try it, and you may! Try it, and you may I say!” To which my daughter responds, “no no, da-da. no Sam Ham.”]

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