What’s she got against pumpkins?

November 29, 2006

“Pumpkin’s not a veggie!”

That’s what my daughter keeps saying before she throws the plastic pumpkin across the room. See, we were at Target, and she found some cheap, plastic veggies in the dollar bin, and wanted them. We bought them. It is a strange collection of veggies: a green pepper, a jalepeno pepper, and red chile pepper, lettuce, eggplant, celery, broccoli, what I believe is bok choy, and a pumpkin.

I’m not sure why she insists the pumpkin is not a veggie. Heck, now I am not even sure it is really a vegetable…

Thanksgiving Recap

November 28, 2006

I survived the Thanksgiving holiday… I will have a recap of my days in the non-Internet zone later.

Right now, I wanted to talk about my observations on the toys at the two grandparents houses. My daughter has two sets of grandparents whom we get to visit with on holidays (conveniently, they live at the same houses as my mother and Ms. Kaz’s parents!). My mother has three grandchildren, the oldest being 17. Ms. Kaz’s parents have one grandchild – my daughter.

As one might expect, this creates a vast difference in both quantity and quality of toys available at each house. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 3

November 24, 2006

Today (so far) has been a great day… especially in the behavior department. My daughter has been almost an angel. Well, at least for her. Of course, the first part of the day (the pre-nap part) was spent mostly at the Strong Museum here in Rochester, which bills itself as a museum of play, and is a fantastic museum for kids.

I want to do a separate post just on the museum itself, because it is so wonderful, and my daughter has such a great time. Most of the play is geared toward learning, but for someone almost 2-and-a-half, like my daughter, it is just a giant playground.

I am a little worried, because we’ve been relying on a lot of tricks in getting her to eat: “If you don’t eat your pasta, Uncle is going to eat it!”, “I would really make Uncle happy if you ate another piece!”, etc. I’ve already offered my brother-in-law a room at our house, if it’ll mean she’ll continue to eat well.

After the nap, we make our way to my mom’s house. Hopefully, we won’t have to go through the whole re-entry (re-adapting to a new place) process we had to go through here.

Oh, and about my mom’s house – it is a neverland of internet connectivity. Oh, she has dial-up, but no way in heck am I gonna blog on a dial-up connection. Next update will be days 4-6.

Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 2

November 23, 2006

Today went pretty well. Our daughter had plenty of people to help entertain her. And a dog. “Shelly the dog,” as my daughter likes to call her.

Dinner was pushed back to 4:30pm to accomodate our daughter’s sleep schedule. And she did nap well today. I think the excitement of being here settled a bit, and she became more comfortable sleeping somewhere other than her own bed.

For those of you wondering about Thanksgiving for vegetarians, we had: fried tofu, with a vegetarian gravy, beet and apple puree, cranberries, vegetarian stuffing, brussel sprouts, and mashed sweet potatoes. And plenty of good wine, of course.

Of this wonderful meal, my daughter ate: one cranberry, and one small bite of tofu. She usually loves tofu, too. We did eventually get her to eat a fair amount of vegetarian hot dog. Enough to earn some chocolate pie (actually chocolate tofu pie – trust me, it really is quite good – you’d never know if was tofu) and some ice cream.

Speaking of pies, for 6 adults, we had 5 pies – chocolate tofu, apple, sweet potato, pumpkin and pecan.

We had talked to her about Thanksgiving and giving thanks leading up to this year’s celebration. When we were putting her to bed, we thanked her for being such a good girl today, and for being a wonderful daughter. She responded by saying, “Thank you, momma. Thank you, dada… for giving me pie.”

We put her down for bed just a short time ago, and so far, so good.

Thanksgiving Holiday – Day 1

November 22, 2006

Today was a lot of driving, and no nap. Ms. Kaz says this is the first time we’ve travelled back (6+ hours) that our daughter hasn’t taken at least a short nap. We tried all kinds of bribes: “no ice cream and Nonna’s house if you don’t nap!”, “It’ll take much longer to get there if you don’t nap!”, “You won’t be able to stay up and see Uncle when he gets in!” Nothing worked.

This, of course, led to her being over tired, trying to fall alseep in a place which isn’t her room and her bed. So, we’ve made a ton of trips up there for songs, na-na’s, and shushing. I have a feeling it is going to a be a long night.

My father-in-law had three great bottles of wine ready for dinner tonight. That might make things a bit more bearable.

We’ll see what tomorrow is like, with the craziness of getting Thanksgiving dinner ready.

Quick Update

November 21, 2006

Things might be a tad slow these days. We’re getting ready to head back to our our parents’ houses for the holidays. I am sure that will create plenty of good stories to share. In the meantime, here are some random thoughts:

  • ¬†Our daughter has been waking up more than usual lately, saying, “want light on!” meaning the night light on her sound machine. We decided, and I don’t know if this a good idea in the long-run or not, to get her a nightlight that stays on. Since the location of the plugs in her room is not really great for a plug in nightlight, we went to Ikea to get a wall-mounted one. She chose the moon one. Even with a 4w bulb, it is a little brighter than we thought it might be. She loved it, though.
  • Our daughter also appears to have begun talking in her sleep lately. The other night, she woke up, calling for “mommy.” When mommy went in, she asked, “mommy, wanna go to playschool with me?” then went back to sleep.
  • The Christmas hype has begun. My daughter has started singing, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on her own… and she’s doing quite well with the lyrics.
  • Anyone know where we can get nice snow boots?
  • Our daughter has also moved to the stage where she wants to sit at the table, instead of her own strap-on high chair. She now wants booster chairs in restaurants, and to sit in the “big chair” at the dinner table. For now, she’s agreed to sit in her chair without the tray on, but at the table.
  • She is also into manners… occasionally. When she’s behaving, she’ll sometimes tell us, “I’m being nice to you. I’m not being fresh to you.”

That’s it for now. Sorry for not having something more substantial.

The Weekend “Stunk”

November 20, 2006

The other day, I was standing in the kitchen and, well, uhm… I had to… I mean I did… uhm, well… around these parts, we now call it a “toot”. Since we always try to reinforce good manners with our daughter…

Me: Oh, excuse me!
Daughter: Excuse you, daddy! … Daddy, you STINK!

I know she was too far away to smell anything. And hilarity ensued…