Halloween 2006

our pumpkins

Part of the fun of my daughter now being 2+ years old is that this year she “gets” holidays, and it fun watching the excitement and wonder in her.

This year, she is really excited about Halloween. As I mentioned previously, she helped in deciding which costume to wear this year. And last night, we carved the pumpkins…

We began earlier in the day gathering her input on what type of pumpkin. “Do you want funny or scary?” … “Scary!” I eventually sketched out a picture of what the pumpkin would look like to get her input and approval.

The actual pumpking part, however, started off a little difficult, because she wanted to help with the carving, which, of course, meant she wanted control of the knife. She had a mini-fit when she didn’t get her way there.

Eventually, I had carved out the eyes on my pumpkin and showed the results to her. Her response conveyed her excitement at seeing the pumpkins begin to take shape: “Wow!” and “Great job, dad!”

We were able to get her involved by having her carry one of the tea light candles from the cabinet to the pumpkin. Then we worked on her pumpkin. We started off letting her color on the pumpkins with her markers. We also had a kit from the Halloween party we attended a week ago, which had little foam stickers which she could affix to the pumpkin to form a face. The results were awesome for a 2-year old.

All in all, she had a blast planning, marking, decorating, and finally seeing the pumpkins in the dark with the candles lit.

I can’t wait for the excitement of the actual trick-or-treating!

And then there’ll be Christmas!


2 Responses to Halloween 2006

  1. L.A. Daddy says:

    Yeah, we had fun with the pumpkins this year. But LA Toddler hasn’t really gotten the concept of when the holiday really is. So far, Halloween has been going on for the past week (and just why exactly is it that we’re not going trick or treating for candy EVERY night?!) Hmmm…) and shows no signs up ending soon. Time is relative, I suppose.

    [Kaz: I saw your write up on that! Very cute. I loved the “time out” face! I am sure once Wednesday comes around, my daughter will be wanted to go out to get more candy. I will have to post a pic of what our pumpkins look like when we are finally allowed to throw them out.]

  2. Terry says:

    Last Year The Elder had no real clue about Halloween and the 4 houses we went to were more consoling him from his crying hysterics.

    This year is a different situation. We got him a Cow sweatshirt and pants thinking that he might go for it. Well, it was an easy sell and even made him a Eat MOR CHIKIN sign and he loves it. Of course, I love being the Candy Auditor…

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