The Peanut Battle: Part IV (Halloween)


Candy sucks.

At least, when you have (or someone in your household has) a peanut allergy.

One of the great things about Halloween is getting to eat “leftover candy,” by which I mean candy that is actually left over, and the candy you eat before you hand any out because you know that particular piece of candy will be “leftover”.

Ms. Kaz and I always used to buy Reece’s Sticks and Reece’s Peanutbutter Cups (I especially love the Inside-Out ones), which often seemed to be “leftover”. This is the first year we’ve had to check packages for peanut ingredients or the dreaded, “processes in a plant which also processes peanuts.” Let’s just say that this makes buying Halloween candy much more difficult.

For some, it is easy. I love the “fruity” type of candies – SweetTarts, Laffy Taffy, Twizzlers. Ms. Kaz cannot stand those, and prefers chocolate. “Get me KitKats… if they are safe,” was the advice I was given when I called to say I was stopping to buy some bags of candy, “otherwise, Nestle Crunch.”

Of course, KitKats are produced in a plant which also processes peanuts.

Last night, I had a conversation which went something like this:

Ms. Kaz: So, what kind of candy did you buy?
Me: You mean, like, chocolatey candy?
Ms. Kaz: Yeah.
Me: Well, KitKats were out. I did get some chocolate bars.
Ms. Kaz: What kind?
Me: Chocolate.
Ms. Kaz: Like the assorted miniatures?
Me: No, just chocolate.
Ms. Kaz: What kind?
Me: Just chocolate.
Ms. Kaz: Like, Hershey’s or Nestle’s or what?
Me: *shrug* I dunno…
Ms. Kaz: ….
Me: I also got Nestle Crunch..?
Ms. Kaz: cool.

So, we didn’t end up with an ideal selection of Halloween candy (and if any of you suggest Candy Corn, I’ll scream. Candy Corn is the most vile, disgusting, sugary candy ever… and I can’t stop eating it if it is there!) this year. We did okay. I did get my “fruity” candies. Ms. Kaz did get some chocolatey.

But nothing with peanut butter for us to eat.

Of course, if my daughter gets any in her Halloween bag plastic pumpkin…

2 Responses to The Peanut Battle: Part IV (Halloween)

  1. Terry says:

    I love candy… I’m not impressed with Halloween because they just rehash the same old variety, just in the super miniature size… That means I have to eat 5 bars instead of 2-3 of the Fun Sized. I’m more of a Cadbury Easter Candy guy…

    As someone who usually doesn’t have a peanut allergy and usually doesn’t even think of it. I do remember at Halloween and give out the pure sugar candies. My current bag is the Willy Wonka Bag O’Sugar because my favorite is the Bottle Caps… The Candy Auditor will take copious samples to make sure that quality is up to par. Too bad that it’s destructive testing…

    I can eat about 10-15 pieces of Candy Corn and I am done for the year!

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