The last two days, my daughter did not take a nap at daycare. The last two nights have been miserable.

“Maybe she’s ready to give up the nap?” people keep asking.

Well, she’s not. From six o’clock onward, she is miserable – yelling, crying, refusing to do anything. Today she refused to sit and eat dinner until I finally bribed her with the prospect of having ice cream if she sat in her chair and ate a good dinner. It worked. I hate to use this bribe, but I didn’t feel that bad about doing it tonight because she was having such a rough time.

We’d like to just tell the daycare provider to make the naps happen or we’ll go elsewhere. We know, though, that this is really just something our daughter is going through. At home, we’ll let her talk and make noise until she falls asleep. At daycare, there are other kids who have to nap, as well, so there is less leeway in making noise.

Besides, where else would we go? Most everywhere else there will be other kids trying to sleep. And we want her to be where there are other kids. And our daughter loves this daycare provider and she loves our daughter.

It is just tough on everyone when kids go through these periods. We just have to try and be patient with her and try to calm her when she gets too worked up. Fortunately, tonight was a bath night. That seemed to help.

Anyone else have any good strategies?


2 Responses to Nap

  1. Baths always work for Gunslinger. Dinner, Bath, Bed. You can almost set a clock by him

  2. HDC says:

    I concur. Make the baths part of the nightly ritual. Even if it’s not a terribly thorough bath, just a good soapy warm dunk seems to do so much for cranky wee ones. Heck, all of us really =).

    [Kaz: Thanks for stopping by! I know that everytime my daughter tells us she doesn’t want to take a bath, I keep volunteering to take one instead!]

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