Organic News Roundup

Just doing some surfing tonight:

  • A good article from the Organic Center regarding why organic products are more important than just keep chemicals off our food/clothing… something I just recently discussed.
  • Disney aims to make their foods healthier for kids. Just a note that it is possible to eat healthy, even organic and (good) vegetarian at Disney parks – you just gotta let them know. (And just another note – I do work for a Disney-owned company).
  • There are some good facts and tips about buying organic foods here. It is written by a dietician from Whole Foods, so it is a little Whole Foods-centric (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
  • Finally, Planet Organic offers up some ideas for getting your house egged healthy Halloween treats. Personally, I believe Halloween is all about the candy, and if kids can go nuts for one day a year, that’s fine by me.

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