Leavin’ on a jet plane…

I made the plane reservations for our Disneyworld trip the other day.

Did I mention I hate flying?

I don’t know where this nervousness (okay, mild fear) came from. I’ve had it long before I started watching Lost. The strange thing is that I usually start to feel better a little while after the plane is in the air.

Well, this time my big worry is my daughter. It is bad enough that I don’t know if she’ll be scared on the plane all on her own. Now, I have to worry (did I mention I worry a lot?) that she’ll pick up on my fear like a dog picks up on fear. Of course, my daughter, unlike a dog, will hopefully not attack me. I am more worried she’ll pick up on my fear and thus be afraid herself.

I’m trying to figure out how to handle it. So far, I’ve come up with the following list of ideas: alcohol.

Of course, it is a morning flight out, and I am not particularly fond of mimosas.

I just hope she doesn’t get freaked out. And if she does, well, it is only a 2 1/2 hour flight. We made it through many many months of colic. I guess we can make it through this!

My other worry is that I have no clue how to travel with a young child. I’ve figured out that we need to bring her car seat. I’m not sure I will figure out how to install it properly, but I know we need to bring it. We’ll also be bringing her stroller. Is this something we need to check? Or can we bring it on the plane and store it overhead?

Well, I am off to mine more data off the internet about how to travel with a young child. If I find anything, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, if anyone has some good advice, please let me know. It may even stop me from worrying so much.


7 Responses to Leavin’ on a jet plane…

  1. Terry says:

    Bring the carseat… for the worry wart, it shouldn’t be allowed in the emergency row or the ajoining rows (where the door might go).

    Bring something for her to chew on or drink for the way up and the way down… their ears are a little more sensitive to pressure changes and they really don’t know what is going on.

    Bring many different things to do, but ration them out carefully…

    You can bring a stroller and have them check it planeside. I am imagining you are taking about an umbrella stroller or something of that size… anything bigger would be a bitch through security.

    Speaking of security, you may want to bring money/quarters to get water juice after you get through security at the vending machine or gift shop.

    bring Purell or similar product… many many germs in the airplane…

    Another thing I learned from a fellow runner, is to bring saline solution to keep the nostrils hydrated. May not be a big problem for 2.5 hours, but just the dry air can lead to sneezing, etc.

    If I have anything else… I’ll let you know. As for YOU, why don’t you visualize a happy flight with no fear. Practice makes perfect.

    [Kaz: Ms. Kaz always tells me to visualize, as well. I haven’t perfected this method yet. And thanks for the good tips!]

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    One thing we did for travel back to Ohio:

    We bought a big bag for our stroller. The first time we checked it, it came back soaking wet from the rain outside.So now we wheel her to the plane, put the stroller and car seat in the big bag, and check it. They have it waiting for you when you get where you’re going.

    [Kaz: I’ve heard about using a bag. Where did you get it? My daughter will be barely 2 1/2. We’ve already prepared her for sitting in the car seat. Every once in a while, she’ll come out with a “going on airplane. have to wear seatbelt.”]

  3. Toys – the small kind that fit well in a purse diaper bag.

    Portable DVD – this is great for Barney/Bob the Builder/Thomas the Train/etc. Plus if somebody falls asleep, you can plug in something for yourself

    Munchables – pretzels/goldfish/etc.

    maybe a travel crib? Gunslinger never used one, but some kids do.

  4. L.A. Daddy says:

    OneStepAhead.com is the site for the bag, although LA Mommy told me this and I’m having trouble finding it… I’ll check back with you in case that’s the place.

    We travelled when Emma was 8 mos. and this past August when she was 29 mos. Both times, 5 hour flights to Ohio. We didn’t have her sit in the carseat either time. She sat in her own seat both times, but left the seatbelt on.

    Our saving item was my iBook with the DVD player in it and the baby einstein videos on the first trip. The last trip… I forgot the dvds! Oy.

    [Kaz: we use the Mac on car trips, if needed. Not sure if I want to drag my Mac on the trip, so we are considering getting a portable DVD player instead. I think we get the OneStepAhead catalogs (not sure why – probably someone ordered something for us out of there). I’ll have to take a look. And as for the plane, we know how she sits in restaurants with and without a highchair. I think we consciously chose to have her sit in the carseat on the plane 🙂 Thanks!]

  5. T. Carter says:

    If you have a Britix Marthon or Roundabout, you can ditch the stroller: Pick up a Go-Go Kidz instead. It’s basically a luggage rack that connects to the carseat. We used it when Celeste was 11 months and we flew from D.C. to Montana for a wedding. It worked perfectly for getting around the airport; we were just without a stroller in Montana, but that was fine. Last Thanksgiving, we used the same setup to fly to New Orleans, but didn’t buy Celeste her own seat; instead we checked the Go-Go Kidz and the carseat planeside. I picked up a carseat bag at Babies “R” Us; the Go-Go Kidz-carseat combo fit in the bag, but the wheels popped off during the flight. I was able to pop them back on once we landed, but it did scare me for a few moments …

    As for on-plane entertainment, looking out the window is fun; books, small toys, etc.

    [Kaz: We used to use crayons for entertainment. They don’t seem to entertain as long as they used to. We do have a Roundabout, so I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the tip! We may take a stroller anyway, since we’ll be at Disney, and I have a feeling it will be useful after a couple hours of walking.]

  6. dear wife says:

    Well I have no advice, but I would not worry about her picking up your fear. My mom used to be terrified of flying and I had no idea of this until I was much older. I was never afraid and loved flying until college when all of a sudden I developed the same fear. I think just the distraction of worrying about your daughter should be enough to help you through the flight. I know distraction helps me.

    [Kaz: I think, at some point, many of us begin to think about our mortality. I just gotta keep reminding myself that flying is safer than a lot of other activities, and that there are people (businessmen, atheletes) who fly all the time and make it through okay.]

  7. Henitsirk says:

    I’ve flown several times with our kids who are now 2 and 4.

    Defnitely bring something like a sippy cup for the descent so her ears won’t get clogged. Definitely have them check your stroller at the plane and have it ready for you as you get off. If your airline allows pre-boarding for families, you are blessed as that will give you the time to wrangle the car seat into place

    Otherwise, for a short flight I would’n’t worry about getting DVD’s, my kids did great for several hours with sticker books since they had never had them before! It was something totally new, had pictures, and many parts that couldn’t get lost. And munchy food is always good, like goldfish crackers, granola bars, bananas.

    [Kaz: Do they allow us to bring our own food through security yet? Or do we need to buy that at the airport??]

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